Trinidad and Tobago’s Spiritual Couple

Over 20 years ago, a young man is attracted to a young lady; but the young lady doesn’t feel the same way about him.  In due time, she would.  When Mr. Glendon Rudder met Ms. Alicia Kipps, it was like two opposites; but you know what they always say, “Opposites attract.” These two attractive young people would eventually find love & happiness; and a few years later, marry. Their love for God was the strong interconnection between the two; which sealed their faith to one another, and this unity changed their lives forever.

Dr. Glendon Selby Rudder & his lovely wife, Dr. Alicia Kipps-Rudder have found true love in each other; but most of all, God.  They both consistently drop to their knees, and talk to Him and His son, Jesus. Neither one of them will ever make a decision without talking to one another first; the faith is strong within these two individuals, as well as in their family and values. As you read their story here today, you will definitely see why; and will gain a better understanding of who they are.

Dr. Glendon Selby Rudder is the founder and president of the Human Equity Value Institute; and the creator and developer of its governing principles (The Human Equity Value Concept). Glendon & Alicia are both so entrenched in equality for all people and the empowerment of women in the world. They both have received honorary doctorate degrees for their life works by the United Graduate College and Seminary International in the last couple of years.  In 2014, Dr. Glendon was honored & received the “iChange Nations” Golden Rule Award; and subsequently was appointed as a Goodwill/Peace Ambassador to the Caribbean States & Territories by its Founder, Dr. Clyde Rivers (Ambassador-at-large from Burundi, Africa).

In 2016, he received the ICN’s National Statesmen Designation on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Dr. Glendon Rudder is the founder of the City With Foundations Church, and serves as its senior pastor. He has traveled to Suriname, Ghana, Africa, India, United Kingdom, and the United States. He travels between the Caribbean Islands to also share his unique message among the people that he loves.  He also traveled to Jerusalem Israel in 2016; to present a Peace Initiative Message; just to name a few of his outstanding meaningful trips here recently.

Dr. Alicia Kipps-Rudder takes a backseat to no one when she feels the urge to speak “the gospel.” She is one of the most dynamic speakers that you will ever hear; her words pack a big punch, and are so relevant in our daily living.

She is the co-founder of the City with Foundations Church in Trinidad and Tobago; and has traveled abroad to various countries to bring the word of our Lord; such as Amsterdam, Suriname, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Her ministry has traveled to the United States of America; and she has spoken in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, etc.

In 2016, she also received the Golden Rule Award in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago; and was subsequently appointed as an iChange Nations Goodwill / Peace Ambassador by Dr. Clyde Rivers.  She was also nominated and became the first to be awarded the “Women of the Golden Rule Dialogue Award;” which embraces and advocates the vision of ICN’s views/values in of the Golden Rule Dialogue in her country.

Dr. Alicia Kipps-Rudder is a professional counselor; and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science from Andrews University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is also currently completing her master’s degree in Psychology at the same university.

The union of these two wonderful, “God-fearing” individuals has produced three wonderful children, Judaiah, Jalon-Macaiah, and Ashlei-Taylor; which are the real joy in their parents’ eyes. They all like reading & watching a little TV; but being around water (the beach) gives them a sense of calm & peace. There is so much you can say about this married couple; that is a unity based on their faith and love for one common goal: “The Love of God & Thy Brother.”

I truly appreciate being around you two whenever possible; because I personally learn something new from you every time we have met in the last year or so.

We at Gigare Lifestyle Magazine would like to say, “thank you” for being who you are; and for what you do to bring forth a better tomorrow.

Dr. Anthony L. Branch

ICN Organization’s Freelance Writer

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