CryoWorld Therapy – The New Way To Chill

CryoWorld Therapy “The New Way To Chill”

By: Denise Meridith

New Phoenix business wants you to know “Being cool is hot!”


Top athletes and celebrities, like Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Tony Robbins have been talking about how liquid nitrogen sessions have helped them recover from pain and injuries or heightened their alertness. Vanessa Swaringer had been suffering from hip pain from her days of running track. When she and her husband, Sean, heard LeBron James describing the benefits of cryotherapy, they decided to do some research and attended a two-day seminar about it. After two cryotherapy sessions, her pain was gone…and they were sold, not just on cryotherapy, but on the business potential of subjecting the body to subzero temperatures. Now, the general public in Arizona has the opportunity to benefit from this at Sean’s and Vanessa’s CryoWorld Therapy in Phoenix.

Cryotherapy is a less-than-three-minute process that cools down one’s skin temperature, causing blood to flow into the core of the body. Cryotherapy can focus on a certain area of the body or, with the nitrogen chamber, the whole body. When the body warms back up, the enriched blood rushes back out, especially to areas that are inflamed. The result can reduce aches, pains, and enhance recovery from workouts, surgery, injury or addictions.

“We have so many success stories,” says Sean Swaringer. “For example, we had an injured military veteran, who was taking pills to deal with the unbearable pain in his back. The pain was so severe, he could not stand by evening. After three sessions of whole-body cryotherapy, he is no longer taking pills and has begun to be more active.”

Cryotherapy is attractive because the visits are quick, convenient, and inexpensive (e.g., currently Cryoworld Therapy has a special of a month of unlimited treatments for as little as $200) and it is a holistic approach to pain management. Though, of course, it is favored by professional, amateur and weekend athletes, it is also used for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and other common pain or inflammation issues.

“We want people to come learn about it and us,” says Swaringer, “So we are hosting a number of promo packages so people can learn how the process works, talk to previous clients, and get a discount coupon (mention promo code: Gigare Lifestyle Magazine), and, even, make an appointment to try it out.”

Readers can learn more about Cryotherapy World at, and come for a visit at 2929 E Camelback, Ste 126, Phoenix, AZ 85016. As Swaringer says, “Being cool is what’s hot!”


CryoWorld Therapy Available in Phoenix

Sean and Vanessa Swaringer are inviting Phoenicians to come by CryoWorld Therapy and learn about this effective, inexpensive holistic pain management method. CryoWorld Therapy Website






CryoWorld Therapy was conceptualized after the owners (Sean and Vanessa) personally experienced the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy. Both are passionate about helping others live their best lives. A 2-3 minute process that cools down your skin temperature causing a massive blood circulation. Once your body warms back up new enriched blood is sent to the areas of your body that is inflamed. It is quick, painless, inexpensive, holistic, and used to assist people with back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and those recovering from workouts, injuries, surgery and addiction.

CryoWorld Therapy is located at 2929 E Camelback Rd, Ste 126, Phoenix, AZ 85016.

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