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Wealth Building Strategies are Health Building Strategies: Keys to Building Generational Health

We all know that it takes a certain type of person and mindset to build wealth. There are tons of books, blogs, podcasts, and seminars that will teach you the “Key Strategy to Building Wealth”.  Many of these strategies are great ones. These are strategies that can, if used correctly and planned properly, can build a beautiful legacy of wealth for your family and your future.

The thing is that these strategies can actually help you get the health, body and energy that you want as well. Think about it. Most of the time, if you exchange the word “wealth” for “health” you can apply that same tip to gain abundant health.  Don’t believe me? Just watch!

Here are 5 Keys to Wealth shared by some of the wealthiest people around, and the ways that they can also be applied to building great Health as well.

  1. It starts with a certain mindset: You cannot build wealth with a poverty mentality. In order to truly become successful in wealth, you MUST begin to see things the way the wealthy see things. For many people, this is the biggest thing (often the ONLY thing) that is holding someone back from building great fortune. The way you approach a job, a negotiation, a business, and even your spending must be changed in order to gain the most financial benefit for yourself and those around you. The same thing occurs for getting healthy! I’ve often heard people say things like, “I do not want to eat rabbit food!” or they will assume that a celebration must have certain foods (that we already know are not health) in order to make the celebration fun. There are also people that look at exercise, activity and fitness as chores. It cannot be fun. It gets in the way of your everyday activities. There is no time. This mindset must change. Those people that enjoy the greatest level of health are the ones that incorporate health-building strategies into their daily lives. It’s just something they do, not something that they have to find a place for in their lives. Once you start seeing health in a new light, and get out of the “Sick/Disease” mentality (the mentality that illness is inevitable, so why fight it), you can start seeing major improvements in those areas of your life.


  1. Focus on What You can Control Now, Not What You Wish You Did in the Past: It would have been great to purchase stock in Facebook, Uber, IBM etc when they were start-up companies. Yes, you would be a millionaire right now but the reality is that you cannot go back in time (if you DO have a way to time travel, PLEASE let me know. I’ll be your Bestie for ETERNITY because we can make things HAPPEN!) So, start with the investments you can make now. Yes, in the stock market, life insurance, and in school, but also in your health. Just because you used to run track in high school and you stopped, does not mean that you cannot start back 20 years later. No, you will not be as fast, go as far, or look as fit doing it, but you can start NOW and get healthy NOW. And that’s ok to do!


  1. Surround Yourself with the Best! Wealthy people do not always have all the answers, but they are smart enough to surround themselves with people that DO have the answers they want and need. I’ve read articles that mentioned that Oprah and other Billionaires regularly had dinner and spent free time with other billionaires and business people to discuss strategies, goals, plans and collaborations. If you want it, surround yourself with people that have it and/or are working towards it. If you are constantly around unhealthy people that always eat the worst quality food, then that’s what you will do. If you are always around people that are morbidly obese, then you are likely to start gaining weight as well. If all your friends do is sit around and watch TV or play video games, then you will likely start doing the same. Start hanging around people that are doers. Find running groups or climbing groups. Join an inexpensive gym and join their group classes. Find meet-up groups for people that like to do the type of dancing that you enjoy and hang with them several times a week to do that. It is said that if you look at your top 10 friends, you will see yourself. If your top friends are working towards building health, wealth, and happiness then that will become your reality as well.


  1. Find an Advisor that has Your Best Interest in Mind: Successful people have advisors and mentors that propel them to excellence. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James all have extraordinary talent, but it was their coaches (and key team members) that propelled them to excellence and helped them reach their full potential both on and off the court. Les Brown had speaking coaches. Oprah had financial advisor and other mentors that helped her along the way. You need to do the same for your health. If you want to build greater health and have the vibrancy and energy that you are SUPPOSED to have, contact health builders that align with your goals. Find a Naturopathic Physician, Health Coach, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, etc. that will help you learn what it is that you need to do to reach the goals that you have.


  1. Take the L and Keep It Moving: Wealthy people lose ALL. THE. TIME! They fail at many things. They take risks. They lose money… LOTS of money, but you know what they don’t do? They don’t give up! They do not allow someone telling them no to make them give up. They learn from the mistakes they made. OR they just keep going until someone tells them yes. The author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” said that he went to over 110 publishers before one of them took a chance on him and his book. Now his book is translated into many, many languages and adapted for multiple types of audiences (there is a chicken soup for every different kind of soul that you can think of!). If you slip up and eat that cake, do not go for that morning walk, or forget to bring your lunch to work one day, it is not the end of the day. Do not get discouraged. Learn from it. Why did you eat the cake? Were you really hungry and just did not want to get food first? Where you sad or depressed? Why didn’t you bring lunch to work? Did you not allow yourself enough time that morning? Figure out what happened, and work on solutions to fix that thing. Take the L, learn from it, and keep it moving!


The keys to building wealth and health are more similar than many of us realize. The more you value one, the more you will begin to value the other because they go hand-in-hand.  All it takes is a few changes to the way you do things on a regular basis, and you are well on your way to building the Health/Wealth Empire that you and your family deserve! Once it becomes a part of your life, it becomes a part of the lives of those around you forever. THAT’s the legacy you want to build!


For more on Health, visit Dr. Turshá Hamilton on her website:  Stay tuned for blogs, books, and courses to help you build the best and healthiest version of you!


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