Moms Get Fit 2


Moms Get Fit 2 is a network to support mothers in their fitness journey. Our mission is to create a sisterhood around health wellness utilizing the vehicles of fitness and nutrition.  Each month the group host two fitness event featuring different styles of workouts. Currently to date our group has featured indoor cycling, belly dance fitness, Mixxedfit, and high intensity interval training.

Many of the group members are in the beginning of their fitness journey and are excited with the introduction of new exercise experiences. The ultimate goal is for a woman to find a fitness routine that complements their lifestyle and integrate it into their regular fitness regimen.

To meet the needs of women outside of Phoenix Arizona; weekly fitness and nutrition challenges are hosted in a Facebook group. Individuals who participate in the group challenges have an opportunity to win prizes including fitness equipment, athletic wear, journals, and gift certificates.

You can find Moms Get Fit 2 on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as Moms Get Fit 2.

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