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 Power Up Your Health – Taking YOU to the Next Level! By Dr. Turshá Hamilton

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us are looking for ways to improve some aspect of our lives. New Year New You, right? Often, that means that we will be looking for ways to improve our physical health as well. Lose weight, get in shape, and fit into those clothes that are several sizes smaller are the most common goals this time of year. We have plans to go to the gym 8 days a week and work out for 7 hours a day. We are going to run a marathon in March and enter that bodybuilding contest in July.  New Year’s Resolutions, BABY!!!  Unfortunately, by week 3 we tap out and give up.  Sound familiar?

Well, now is the time to give up the resolutions. That’s right. I said it. Give’em up!  It’s time to do something much more sustainable. It’s time to CHANGE HABITS! It’s time to give up the old ways of doing things and create something new. It’s time to POWER UP our thoughts, traditions, and most importantly, our mindset!

Changing your mindset is the absolute most important first step in making any major changes for prosperous, successful outcome. But not only for the action, but for the reason that you did the actions and being ok with the changes that you are making. You must be willing to create new traditions that you and your family can feel good about, those that you will be happy to pass down from generation to generation.

In order to take YOU to the next level, you have to learn ways to POWER UP your health.  Let’s start today!

  • Power Up Tip 1: Go to the doctor! Just like it’s beneficial to get a copy of your credit report at the beginning of the year in order to know where you stand and how to proceed, you need to get a health check report. Again, you want to know where you stand and how to proceed. Of course you can skip this step (just as you can skip getting that credit report) but if you want to be able to properly and objectively track your progress, you MUST get the data that you need.
  • Power Up Tip 2: Accept Where you Are Now. Of course, you want to make changes. You want to improve your health and your life. You want to be there for your family in the long run. OF COURSE! The thing is, you need to be ok with who you are now. Make sure that you are only speaking positive words to and about yourself. If you are not, then make it one of your goals to improve how you view yourself. No matter what, you are going to be with you for a LONG time. You want to be sure to have the best conversations with yourself and about yourself that you absolutely can. That way, when you DO drop those sizes and reach those goals, you can have a greater appreciation for your accomplishments.
  • Power Up Tip 3: Phone a Friend. It’s really hard to take on something as momentous as changing habits and staying motivated if you are doing things alone. I would highly encourage you to find a friend or a group that shares your same interests. Make friends. Let them keep you motivated. Let them celebrate your successes with you. Allow them to be your cheering section and you do the same for them. It makes the process a world more successful when you have someone to lean on when you need it.
  • Power Up Tip 4: Don’t just say it, Plan it! The main reason why people don’t succeed in their New Year’s resolution goals is that there is no proper planning. In order to be truly successful and take your health to the next level you GOTTA have a plan! There’s no way around it. Sit down and strategize your next moves. If you have trouble planning, then talk to a friend, a colleague, or your naturopathic doctor to help you get on the right track and put a plan together that you can stick to and see some real results.
  • Power Up Tip 5: NEVER give up! Understand that there will be setbacks. There will be losses. You will lose motivation more often than you really want to. There will be people out there that try to discourage you and call you crazy for even trying. Even with all that, KNOW that you can do it. That you are worth every effort that you can put forth… and then some

It’s time to take you to the next level. You can do this. You WILL do this! Remember that it’s mostly a mind game. Once you get your mind on track, everything else is easy breezy!!  POWER UP!

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