2016 “GLM 40″ Highlight in Health: Cancer Vaccine Research

cvrThe 2016 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights Cancer Vaccine Research in the area of Health. New vaccine research has become the cutting edge of preventative medicine in healthcare. The focus is looking at shifting the healthcare model of treatment to prevention.  Your body’s immune system fights off germs that cause infections and vaccines assist help strengthen this immunity. Now the growing interest is: “Can human immune cells be taught to fight off cancer cells?” That’s the idea behind new immunotherapy cancer vaccines, which train the immune system to use its antiviral fighting response to destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already has approved such vaccines for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer and melanoma. Current research is focused on pairing new and old vaccines, including the tetanus vaccine with a newer cancer vaccine to treat glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Recent human subjects who received the dual vaccine have lived three to seven more years after treatment than those who received an injection without the tetanus portion. Cancer Vaccine Research has uncovered the most eagerly anticipated vaccines in 2016 is a lung and breast cancer vaccines.  We are proud to recognize Cancer Vaccine Research in the area of Health for their level of excellence in the year of 2016!

Website:  http://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2015/top-medical-breakthroughs.html

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