2016 “GLM 40″ Highlight in Health: Gender Focused Health Care

healthcareThe 2016 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights Gender Focused Health Care in the area of Health. Healthcare innovation has been developing in the direction of tailoring services to their patient’s needs. The implementation of Affordable Healthcare Act and Leaning towards the preventative – wellness services versus diagnosis – treatment health has led to the shift in the health system. The innovation of Wellness Centers specializes in services that are formulated specifically with gender, physiology, psychology, and education at heart.  Men’s Wellness centers (MWC) focus on Urology Services, Prostate Health, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Erectile Dysfunction Treatments and other services. Women’s Wellness centers (MWC) focus on gynecologic care, fertility, estrogen therapy, mammography, bone health and and counseling services. Keeping comfort, environment, and convenience of their medical offices as a priority, as well as, incorporating Weight Management & Nutrition programs has been added benefits offered. The personalized treatment plans include any necessary follow-up visits, 24-hour access to a trained professional if you have any questions or difficulties, and patient services groups who stay in close contact with patients, so they can monitor patient progress and make sure that patient develops better healthy habits, awareness and continues to enjoy good results. Gender Focused Health Care mission is providing male and female patients with healthcare designed specially with the patient physiology & psychology in mind. We are proud to recognize Gender Focused Health Care in the area of Health for its level of excellence in the year of 2016!






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