2017 “GLM 40” Highlight in Sports: Sergio Garcia

The 2017 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights Sergio Garcia in the area of Sports. Sergio started playing golf when he was a child and soon he showed he had a special talent for the game. He swung his first club when he was only 3 years old under the supervision of Víctor García, his father, teacher and mentor. Víctor had worked as a caddie at Club de Campo de Madrid and then became a professional golf player. After that, he coached at Club de Campo del Mediterraneo (Borriol), where he guided his son’s career closely watched by Consuelo, Sergio’s mother, who at the time managed the club’s pro-shop. Sergio didn’t need too much time to stand out and when he was only 12 years old everybody knew that he was going to be a special player. When he was 15 years old he made the cut in an European Tour event and only three years later he turned pro. Just this past April, Mr. Garcia won the PGA Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. We are proud to recognize Sergio Garcia in the area of Sports for his extraordinary achievement in the year of 2017!

Website: www.sergiogarcia.com

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