A Man With A “Soul” For Humanity

 As we start off an exciting new year, let me bring to you an exciting young man that we and all humanity can’t live without. A man who really enjoys life; the building up of others to reach their full potential; and most of all, loves his family. Mr. Soulman Ongoiba, who likes to be called, Soul learned these priceless principles at a very early age from his loving parents; who both were educators. These few, but important principles, have become important rules that he governs his life by, even today; but most all, The Golden Rule is #1 (Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated).
 Soul was born in Sevare, (Mali) Africa, and was raised by two loving parents who believed in respect and compassion; but most of all, self reliability.  He moved to the United States Of America in the year of 2000; and he obtained two Masters Degrees from San Jose State University in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.
Even as a young man, Soul believed in maximizing his potential in everything he would involve himself in; especially in the classroom and in his love of Judo. This discipline and commitment to being the best made Mr. Soulman Ongoiba an alternate on the 2008 Olympic Judo Team for his country Mali Africa; a personal achievement that would make any person proud. He was one of the best of 32 Judo athletes in the world at Empire State Games. Soul got use to the high performance training; just as he received at San Jose State University. Judo is what Soul loved for over 29 years now.
He was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2001 from the NYAC Club. Soul says that he owes this sport so much, and can not totally put it in words. Soul’s love of training and reaching his peak performance has led him to be a consultant in this area which gave him a vision for the future. He feels with his high tech job in Silicon Valley in San Francisco (Bay Area), he would love to open up leadership centers worldwide and close the digital divide.
 Technology is accelerating so fast everyday; and certain individuals in the world are being left behind, meaning the poor. This technology is critical for the advancement of each person today in society and humanity as a whole (evolution to the future for the next generations).
“We Need Technology To Become Our Allie.” Soul has authored an earlier book; and he is presently interviewing world class athletes & coaches to get ready to release his next project / book.
Mr. Soulman Ongoiba is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, athlete and martial artist. Soul’s greatest achievement is being a husband and father to his wife and three children. They are the reason he gets up every morning; and his personal beliefs of “serving humanity” the best way he can.
As this article is being written about Soul, he is out in his community engaging people; trying to figure out how to help them reach their full potential. I was honored to personally meet this inspirational individual at a four day conference / seminar in Los Angeles, California; and I realized how relevant he is to society with his innovative thinking, etc.
Thank you so much, Soul; for giving me an opportunity to briefly tell a little bit of your amazing story to our international audience in 228 countries. We at Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine wish you well; and continued success to you; because I know this is not the last time we’ll be hearing from you, sir.
                                                            Dr. Anthony Branch
                                                     GLM Freelance Sports Writer
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