Beauty and the Beast, from Hoover Alabama.









Beauty and the Beast, from Hoover Alabama.

Let me introduce you readers to a young lady/basketball player (and her family), I met years ago in a parking lot in Hampton Virginia; while attending an AAU National Championship Tournament (hosted by the infamous Mr. Boo Williams).

Being initially stop by the mother of a 6th grader / 11-year-old girl, who was playing up with a 7th-grade team that day; because of the Nike tee shirt, I was wearing at the time (“It’s about to go down”). The conversation turned quickly to life, and of course basketball; to the point, I impressed the tall young female player sitting in the rear of the van. The 6th grader stood 6′ 1″, with a 12 size boy sneaker; with such a young face (wow). Victoria Hunter is her name, and praising God & basketball, plus getting good grades; is definitely her game.

Victoria Hunter affectionately known as “Tori,” by her family & friends; comes from a family of 8 (she has 5 other sisters, along with her parents). Coming from a family of athletes, from both sides of her family (her mother & Father side, plus both parents excellent athletes themselves); even her grandparents to nieces & nephews & aunts all athletic. Tori feels no pressure because of it, but she understands the legacy & talent bestowed upon her, she thanks, God every day for it; she feels gifted daily for her height & body frame. In 2014 in Orlando Florida, at the girls AAU National Championship Tournament, her team placed 3rd in the nation, she was 13 yrs old; and she hasn’t looked back since.

Tori fell in love with the game of basketball, when she was around 5 yrs old, she like the physical part of it; along with the skills, you must have to seriously play it. Fast forward people, Tori now stands 6′ 3″, and wearing a boy’s size 14 sneaker; and still growing. Tori played on two traveling AAU girls basketball teams since 2012, the Alabama “Twisters”; and her present team for the last 3 years the Alabama “Southern Starz”. Playing in college showcases over the years, have drawn some serious interest from UCONN, Clemson, VCU, Auburn, UNC, University of Mississippi; just to name a few.

Tori is a student athlete that is being home schooled, by her parents; the decision strongly encouraged by her mother Tiffany Reedus-Hunter. The problem is controlled & governed by the state, taking advantage of the “Tim Tebow Home School Rule”. Allows Tori to take one class at the local high school, then she can participate in sports at the school; that she is zoned in. Tori is coached by Ms. Krysthe Johnson, who at 6′ 4″ herself; has won a state championship title as a player 2001. Coach Johnson won two more as an assistant coach at Hoover HS, in 2010 & 2012. Teaching Tori all she has learned in her years at UCLA, and the University of Alabama; pushing her to be better.

Tori love to assist others, she has a giving heart and is very laid back, that enjoys music & doing hair. She would love to play in the WNBA in the future, for a little while; before settling into her dream job of being a Neurosurgeon (like the infamous Dr. Ben Carson). She has always been impressed, on how the brain works; absorbing the information like a sponge. Tori is an “A” student, and know there are 4 other little sisters; watching what she does daily. Being the 2nd oldest, Tori watched her older sister Kyra, who just accepted a full scholarship to play D1 Volleyball; at the University of New Orleans. She did not have to look far obviously, to find her mentors, they all were already in her family (Tiffany, Chantel, Kyra, Brandon).

In the last 6 months, Tori have set her mark in the sport she loves, by being the first “Home Schooled” female athlete, to play varsity basketball for 7A Hoover HS. The girl’s basketball team recently made it, to the state of Alabama HS Championship Tournament’s girls “Final Four”; at the time of the writing of this article.

This young lady will be heard from again, definitely on the travel teams circuit; because she has so much upside on & off the hardwood. She is truly a joy to be around, Miss Victoria “Tori” Hunter your parents most be so proud of you; continue success young lady. Victor & Tiffany Hunter, I’m so glad our paths crossed that day in the parking lot in Hampton Virginia; because I’ve personally watched the growth & development of your daughter over the years (a star in the making).

Coach Tony Branch
Sports Writer for Gigare Lifestyle Magazine

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