The Cooper Twins – Two Of A Kind

The Cooper Twins – Two Of A Kind
by: Coach Tony Branch
Good clean competition will always bring out the best in a person; especially if the competitor is your identical twin brother.  People always did “a double take” when it came to Miles and Kendall Cooper. These two young men may look the same, but have so much more to offer individually. The Cooper brothers are a powerhouse; and have the ability to stand on their own merits; because they apply themselves in courses at school and are gifted athletes as well. This story needed to be told in order to help inspire the younger generation; because the Cooper brothers never gave up on their dreams of being the best.

Miles & Kendall are dangerous; when it comes to competing against each other. The level of competitiveness started in preschool, and ran straight into middle school; where most boys their age are just happy to be participating. At a very young age, their father, Mr. Curt Cooper (a phenomenal basketball player himself) played a major role in his sons’ sports career. At the age of four, the brothers were taught to play chess, and do a little “smack talking” as well; and the loser would end up arguing or fighting the other. No male ever likes losing, especially to their brother. It was instilled in the Cooper brothers, “If you played, you play to dominate your position; like how the infamous Michael Jordan did; because he wouldn’t take any prisoners.” Both Cooper boys played other sports, and showed promise in them all; but soccer was the sport that stole their hearts and will took them to the next level. Their parents were astonished when they introduced them to the sport of soccer; because it was a good outlet for the twins to feed the competitive fire they both had inside.
In middle school, the twin’s head soccer coach came up with a unique substitute pattern for them.  Since he personally didn’t want to play them both at the same time; because they would probably try to do everything. By rotating them in the games for each other, after one or the other would score, I’m pretty sure some people in the grandstands felt like one particular player played the whole game; because they do look that much alike. Outside of school, there were community league competitions in Virginia Beach, Virginia in which the boys played in. In their last year of playing recreational league soccer, they scored 49 goals between them in only 7 games; while their teammates combined for only 7 between them. Plus, they only had 12 goals scored against them that season during them 7 recreation league games. Both boys would join a elite travel soccer team not long after the school season was over. They both were among the top players in the World Elite FC’s Travel Teams Organization..
The Cooper brothers took Landstown Middle School to new heights with a record of 22-5; and two playoff appearances while they were there at the school. Being in the sixth grade, they were both selected as co-captains, because of their leadership ability rather than their athletic abilities; a first by the school’s head soccer coach. Kendall Cooper was selected as the season’s “Offensive Player Of The Year;” another first ever for the school, a 6th grader winning the award. Later in his career at Landstown, Kendall would break the school scoring record as well. Miles capped his middle school soccer career, by leading his team to the City Championship Game; and winning the team’s MVP Award.
High school brought a whole new set of challenges for the twin; but the key was that they both were up for the challenge. Miles was accepted into “Ocean Lakes High School’s Math & Science Academy” (class of 2020), and landed a spot on the varsity team as a freshman and started at left midfielder.  Kendall was accepted into “First Colonial High School’s Legal Studies Academy” (class of 2020), but his route to the varsity team would be a little more difficult. His school would return most of its starters, and several of their key reserves from the school’s 2016’s State Finalist Squad. Therefore, Kendall started out on the junior varsity.
Kendall’s strong play on the JV squad, earned him a mid-season call up to the varsity veam; because of an injury to their starting forward. This was the break that gave Kendall a golden opportunity to contribute immediately to the varsity team. In Kendall first game as a varsity player, he scored a goal, then would score again two games later; which was the game winner.
The two Cooper brothers knew heading to high school, they would be adversaries; for the next four years. Miles was accepted to Ocean Lakes High School’s, Math and Science Academy, while Kendall was accepted into First Colonial High School’s Legal Studies Academy. The two prestigious schools wanted the Cooper brothers for their academic achievements, rather than their athletic abilities.. For the first time in their young lives, Miles and Kendall will not be playing with one another..
In his rookie year, Miles finished up in high school with 8 goals, which was more than doubled the scoring output than any other freshman in Virginia Beach. The highlight of the Cooper brother’s freshmen season, was when played against each other (Cooper vs. Cooper) for the first time. First Colonial HS edged out Ocean Lakes HS by the score of 4-3.  Neither brothers scored in the game; but both played very well for the final playoff spot in the conference. Miles supported his brother Kendall, as his team moved on into the playoffs.  Kendall and his “First Colonial” teammates, lost a heartbreaker to Cox High School, in the “Coastal Conference Championship Game” on the penalty kicks; a game that lasted 100 minutes with intense play.

After a long exciting freshmen season, Miles and Kendall Cooper, were involved in some intense off-season training; as they prepare themselves for the “Ultra-Competitive World of Elite Travel Soccer League”; and their upcoming sophomore season in high school.
Miles and Kendall Cooper are never satisfied as they grow. As they expand their intellectual journey in school and in sports, that will make them both better people. Being the best will bring forth more confidence; because they both are rising stars at their perspective high schools. Keep improving daily gentlemen; because you never know what the future may hold for you.
                     Coach Tony Branch
         Gigare Lifestyle Magazine Sports
                       Mr. Curt Cooper
                    (The Twins’ Father)
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