Just like in the spring, you would watch a flower bloom into something so beautiful and vibrant. That is how I would describe this amazing young lady, Ms. Britney “Beep” Cruse over the years.
A young lady who was raised within a loving family, that is grounded by their faith of our Lord and Savior. “Beep” (as she is affectionately known as) has always been an excellent student in High School and in College (Saint Joseph College Of Rensselaer in Indiana); but her love for basketball gave her that “balance” she needed in life; because she truly loved the game.
I’ve personally watched this amazing young lady’s development, from her early years in middle school in the Midwest; to her achieving “Stardom” in high school & college.
“Beep” being small in height (by today’s standards), but as quick as a cat; served her well as an “Awesome Point Guard” at all levels of basketball that she have played in (AAU, High School, College at a NCAA Division II school). “Beep” and her Middle School Teammates were the “Founding Players”, back in the Midwest in 2003; that truly achieved great things during her time.  The “Lady Bucs” (short for Buccaneers) forced bigger & older teams to “respect” them, because of their “grit” and ability to compete; while being undersized in every game they played (especially at the state championship tournament level). The first year they were assembled, they went 17-12; which was their worst season ever. This team has placed themselves in the top three position, in almost every tournament that they have played in for years.
The “Lady Bucs” was originally a 7th & 8th Grade Girls Traveling AAU team, that a lot of the times “played up” against High School “Freshmen & Sophomore” AAU Girls teams. “Beep” and her then teammates had the determination, drive & skill to compete at that level, even though most of the parents & fans thought her head coach was a “little crazy” for doing this, but they later saw the benefits over time. This group of young ladies all play well in high school and 95% of them attended college on basketball scholarship. 100% of this girls team went to college, and obtained their 4 yr college degrees; something that they all are so proud of collectively. Some of the players from that original girls team, are now High School Coaches themselves; like “Beep” was at Merrillville High School in the Midwest for a few seasons.
After a couple of seasons at her old high school, “Beep” had decided to go back to college to obtain her masters degree (in the Indianapolis area). She always planned to go back to college, when she was obtaining her undergraduate degree at Saint Joseph College Of Rensselaer; her life long dream is to become a Physical Therapist (at the Pro Level). Britney’s BS Degree in Biology, will serve her well in her pursuit of her dream job. This young lady is not only going back to college, but she also works for IU Health Hospital in Indianapolis Indiana.
Her strong faith in the church, and the support of her family keeps Britney on track. Mr. Waymon Cruse Sr, Mrs. Elise Cruse, Mrs. Danah Frazier, and Mr. Waymon Cruse Jr. (Her family). When you have the “Love & Support” of your family, there is nothing in life that’s not “Achievable”; if you are in the “Cruse Family.” Britney Cruse likes to let her “Hair Down” by working out, going to church, reading and helping others as she was helped. She has that special connection to the youth behind her, because Britney understands that “Positive Change” for their future starts now; not after they get out of high school. To be so young (in age), but to have a “Social Conscious” it’s truly a beautiful thing.
179804_10150137792580342_6023643_nIf you are looking for “Role Model” for the “Younger Ladies” in the community, well America “She’s it!” Britney is not perfect, she has made mistakes like we all have, but she knows it’s about what you do after you mess up in life that counts. Britney “Never” liked losing on the basketball court, and now she takes that same approach and “Attitude” about life; she aggressively attacks life’s opportunities to be “Successful!”
I was blessed to reconnect with her and have her sit down to do this interview with me as she’s a very busy young lady. If you ever see her around, the first thing you will notice is her “Smile” that will “Light Up A Room.” The next thing you will notice is she’s a very “Happy” person, she’s not into “Pitty Party” type stuff; and encourage others to live life the same way. Oh how she has grown mentally over the years, she’s now a leader in life; like she was all those years on the basketball court. A team “Captain” at every level of the game, a Sophomore Captain in College during her playing days; a true “Sophomore Team Captain” Wow. The AAU Team she used to play for, named the season’s MVP Award after her “The Cruse Award Of Excellence” because of how she carried herself on & off the basketball court (Now That’s Respect people).
In closing I hope the reading audience enjoy this young lady’s story, because I can go on & on about her accomplishments; and I still could not “Scratch” the surface of her true “Essence” as a person.
I wish you all the success you want in life Ms. Britney “Beep” Cruse, and most of all; you continue to grow as a person & a leader in society.
” Stay Encouraged and Blessed, throughout your life young lady; because you only just begun to show your greatness.”
                    Coach Tony Branch
               Contributing Writer to GLM
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