From The Hood, To The World

From The Hood, To The World
Mr. Charles McCutchen was born and raised in Detroit Michigan; along with his mother and his siblings, one sister & brother. They knew the struggles that come along with living in the inner city.  Charles didn’t meet his father until he was actually 4 years old; and did not even realize the strange man that stood before him at that time was his father; but it sunk in at the age of 7 who “the stranger” was.  He knew his stepfather as the man who raised him; and helped provide for his well being. His stepfather was also a United States Army soldier; and because of this, Charles experienced “the new kid on the block” a lot due to the various Army assignments; which caused the family to have to relocate often.
Charles wasn’t big on going to school in his youth, but always saw himself going to college; which sounds strange to most people; but as you will see, Charles wasn’t like most people.  At 12 years old, while throwing a rock in a creek in his community, a white police officer approached him and pulled out his gun. The police officer wanted to know what was in his candy bag; because supposedly a local store had been robbed. That day left a stain on his mind about being young and black in America.
At 13 years old, he took an Economic class; but was separated from the rest of his classmates because he struggled a little bit with the class work. That day, he decided to buckle down; and eventually, he would end up being put back with his assigned group.  Charles was transferred again his senior year in high school to Tallahassee, Florida from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  He didn’t want to go at all.  He started to work a lot during that time period as well; to make enough money to hopefully talk his parents into letting him stay in North Carolina; so that he could graduate with his friends there.
Charles was quite talented in sports.  Whatever he would try to do, he would excel in.  He may not have been the best; but he was a player you took notice of.  He had that ability to change the outcome of any game he was playing in. Sports gave him the discipline he needed; by teaching him how to manage his time, along with managing his school work.  He knew he needed to find his way away from his parents and become his own man; so he joined the United States Navy.  Mr. Charles McCutchen joined the fleet; and was first stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia; a Master Jet Base for the East Coast Naval Fleet.
He was young and knew only so much about the career he just chose; but AK1 Barnes took interest in the young man and mentored him alongside AK2 Townsend. They both encouraged him to take classes in his spare time and get into his “rating exam books;” so he can advance quickly in his job.
He was asked to drop a “package” to the Enlisted Officer Commissioning Program; because certain individuals saw something special in him during that time. Eventually, he did; and was accepted, but as the 3rd alternate. He was both happy and sad at the same time.  This bump in the road would not stop him from changing his childhood dream; and he would eventually lose that “alternate tag” next to his name and attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia (graduated Dec. 2000 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice).
His first assignment as a commissioned officer was the USS Peterson DD-969; stationed in Norfolk. When Ensign looked up about 22 years later, he was a LT. Commander; retiring in 2011 highly decorated as a Ballistic Missile Defense Expert. Highly recruited by top defense firms when his military career was coming to an end; civilian life now facing him. Before Charles military career was over, he also would earn his master’s degree. He worked in the Civilian Defense field for about a year and a half until he became an entrepreneur.
Charles had started investing in real estate over 20 years ago while he was on active duty in the Navy. He really enjoys helping others overcome some of life’s financial problems; by introducing individuals to programs that would help them through these minefields without using up all of their life savings.  Mr. McCutchen has been seen on Fox News, CNN, and CNBC media outlets; besides speaking to high school and college students. He is a published author as well; and is presently writing his 2nd book to help mold the minds of our high school and college student bodies.
The book will directly address relevant subjects like business, taxes, credit and corporate America. Entrepreneurship is a big thing in society today; and something that is near and dear to his heart as well. Charles loves seeing people achieve certain goals in life; because that’s what he is all about: “Control Your Life & Happiness.” He loves his family and is a man of faith’ because his faith and determination has taken him places that many said a kid from Detroit, Michigan would never go. Being only 46 years old now, his future is still bright in his second career; along with his community work with homeless veterans in his area.
Congratulations on a stellar military career. Please continue to be a “game changer” in the lives of others; because your leadership has directly affected so many people, in and out of the military.  Your personal positive attitude is so contagious and has spread like a blazing fire.
 “Coach” Tony Branch 
 GLM Freelance Sports Writer 
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