Give Me The Keys To The Car Coach

Being a young man from Woodstock Georgia, and loving various sports as he does; you can see his mental toughness already. No matter what sport he would play, it could not replace his love & thrill for the game of basketball; where he has become recognized nationally. Mr. Chase “What’s My Name” Clemmons, has just completed another wonderful travel basketball season this summer. Chase who is 13 years old, and just started 8th grade (a couple of weeks ago), has been beating up the hardwood; on the boys traveling basketball circuit.
Chase played in so many big games already, and he’s still in junior high school, but don’t let his young age fool you. He is in one of the most talented up and coming high school classes in years (the graduating class of 2023), at the point guard position; and his name is right next to Lebron James Jr name (and we know who this young man’s father is, the newest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers).
It is no secret that Chase is very disciplined in the classroom, this is easily carried over onto the basketball court; two areas where he obviously excels.
To be young, talented & gifted; Chase is very mature for his age. He is a workout junkie as well because he understands that he must build up his small body frame; because high school will be a lot more physical. He is nationally ranked now, and he has the local high school coaches; wishing for an early Christmas next spring. He is also drawing attention, from a couple of private “powerhouse” high schools too; so life is good for the future high school basketball star. Chase is ready to be the “floor general” in high school, so they should give him the “keys to the car” to do so.
Chase & his parents Mel & Stephanie Clemmons, have not thought that far ahead yet; they just want him to have another great academic year in school. Chase recently transferred to Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, just before this school year had started. Chase will complete his junior high school studies there, and obtain his 8th-grade diploma; before making the decision on what high school he will attend next school year. There is no doubt Chase will be attending college, on a future basketball scholarship; as his game & body continue to develop for the next level.
Chase has a large fan base already, starting within his own home (his siblings Aaron, Mel, Jaunte, & Caden); who he loves with all of his heart. They all help his confidence, where other players may play for the fan’s cheering in the stands; Chase plays specifically for the “Clemmons clan“. He always challenges himself, and his ability; to make himself better. 
Chase’s accolades are many on the hardwood & in the classroom, and just can’t be measured by trophies/medals or certificates; but here are a few of them listed below.
1. 2017- Honor Roll the entire school year.
2. 2017- Delta Pilot Academy School Award.
3. 2017- Citizenship Award.
4. 2017- Curriculum Study Skills Award (7th Grade).
5. 2011-2016- Reading & Math Awards.
6. 2011-2016- A/B Honor Roll.
7. 2017- Cherokee County Schools Basketball MVP.
8. 2013- Regular Season Champion, Court Kings Basketball.
9. 2013- Cherokee County Swim League Champion.
10. 2012 – 2016- Martial Arts.
11. 2017- AAU National Championship Tournament Runner Up.
Above is just a few of Chase’s many accomplishments, but one that really personally stands out; is his 50 point performance at the Magic City Classic. Another awesome memory for Chase is hitting 7 three-pointers, at the Adidas Gauntlet Tournament. As you can see Chase’s future is so bright, and his name will be on your tongue; if it’s not already.
Chase’ interview was eye-opening to me the interviewer because he was very determined in his answers; for a person who is naturally shy (that’s right people shy). When he’s on the basketball court, he somehow goes into a transformation; and becomes a whole different person. Let’s just say if you’re guarding him in a game, you’re about to have a bad day; and might be apart of his personal highlight reel (I’m just saying people, so good luck with that; and I’m glad I’m not 13 years old anymore).
Mr. Chase Clemmons told me the game makes him feel whole and brings him to a place of peace. He also spoke about how he respects Lebron James’ game and his community/social activities; away from the basketball court. He hopes to attend a D1 college in the future, like UCLA, North Carolina; or Kentucky.
I would just like to say to the Clemmons family, I’m a fan of your son, and have been for a little while now; because he definitely passes my eye test. Thank you so much Chase, for bringing back the true meaning of student-athlete; because some young people forget about the classroom work.
May you always be blessed & encouraged, so stay on your master plan, and I would not be surprised if I see you on Draft Day one day in the future. Gigare Lifestyle Magazine & I would like to sincerely thank you for your time; to allow us to tell your story to the world.
                 Coach Tony Branch
                Sports Writer for GLM
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