I Am My Father’s Son

The name is Brayden DiMarino, and his life is an open book with various chapters of joy & pain. Like most young men his age, he is a recent high school graduate with big dreams and a bunch of aspirations. Ever since he was a little boy, he did not want to be a Fireman or Policeman; because he lives with his “Hero” and future career path. Brayden feels a sense of service like his father did (Structural Mechanic Chief Petty Officer Brian DiMarino), so he’s taking his talents to the United States Marine Corp soon (an indirect branch of the United States Navy, if you know your military history).

Brayden DiMarino enjoyed his high school years, at Marathon High School, a place where 4 years obviously go fast; with everyone’s individual growth to adulthood. While in high school, Brayden enjoyed playing varsity football; but it’s a little bit different at his high school. One of three high school in the Florida Keys, they normally have to travel around 150 miles or more, to go to away games on his high school football schedule; which is tough for your home fan base to come & support you (but they do with a fiery of their school & community pride). Playing at a high school surrounded by water on both sides, they affectionately call “The Rock.”

Brayden enjoys mentoring to younger individuals/students, especially the younger kids in the community, to try & keep them out of trouble; and be that positive role model for them to see daily. Stuff like this just makes him feel good, and gives him a sense of purpose, just like the individual he constantly emulates; Blonde hair and all (his father). They all love the Miami Dolphins NFL Football Team, which is strange for a New Jersey man. I think the New York Giants & Philadelphia Eagles, will never forgive Brian; especially for turning his boys into Dolphins Fans (ha).

Brayden is so outgoing and real, he does not like someone who’s a liar those who are self-centered. Brayden knows he is far from being perfect, but he’s nothing like most young people his age around the country; he has a conscious & he really cares about others. The DiMarino Family has recently experienced some tragedy lately, living in the path of the recent Hurricanes / Storms, each time his family home was spared; with minimal damage each time (Thank God).

Little boys are always looking for a person to look up to, Brayden had to look no farther than his living room; and look at the man he looks like. Once Brayden’s enlistment is over, he’s looking to attend a good college because he is not looking to make the US Marines; a career like his father did with the Navy.

Brayden’s unconditional love for his brothers is crazy, but like most brothers; they get on his nerves occasionally (Lol). He likes cooking for his brothers when his mother Rhonda is busy or tired and really like going to Pro Football Games with the family. Brayden being the middle boy, Barat & Brock cuts him no slack; but neither does he with them.

The DiMarino Family loves their “Quality Time” together as a family, and almost do everything together, but being on the water fishing really relaxes the soul for them all. Knowing this family like I do, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear about them all, but whatever is next; believe me it’s going to get “DiMarinoized”.

Gigare Lifestyle Magazine wants to wish Mr. Brayden DiMarino, and his loving family the best. We also “Salute You” future young US Marine, and thank you for your service, and commitment to preserving our American way of life; and our rights under the US Constitution.

Coach Tony Branch
Gigare Lifestyle Magazine Freelance Writer

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