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It is so refreshing today to find and meet a young person that is so talented in the classroom first; then on the basketball court as well. It’s normally the other way around. I happily bring to you readers today a young lady that has the total package; and who possesses “ballroom elegance & grace,” but also has the ability to break hearts on the court. Please welcome and meet, little Miss Aleena Mongerie; a name that will become familiar with most sports fans in the region; especially in the near future.

The Munster High School Mustangs had this unique talent just casually walk into their school this year as an incoming freshmen; and she is starting to raise a few eyebrows in the gym. As I talked to her coach, Mr. Jim Davidson during this interview, his words about Aleena’s play was very encouraging. This occurred after a scrimmage game against Merrillville High School. “Talent like Aleena plays hard, and she’s very athletic, and she has the skills to help the program reach the next level,” said Davidson.

This freshman with the cute smile has so much potential; but of course, it will be all up to her how good she really wants to be. Aleena Mongerie comes from a very loving faith-based family, that believes in living right, beyond any earthly things & awards because they answer to a higher being. Marion & Felisha raised their children to respect themselves & others. There is no exception to that rule (The Golden Rule), and it works great for their family.

This MHSM girl basketball player honed her academics & athletic skills at St. Thomas More Catholic School since 2nd grade. As a student at St. Thomas More, Aleena was very active, and got involved as she grew up fast in everything she touched. Aleena was a member of the band, the leadership committee, a school ambassador, in the school musicals, National Honor Society member; plus Basketball & Track, just to name a few.

Aleena being the oldest of three girls knows her sisters Arroya (9 yrs old), and Ashlee (6 yrs old) are watching her closely. She cherishes her role as a big sister, and would do anything for her little sisters; who also shoots hoop.

Before starting her high school career on the court, Aleena had a very busy summer, winning two major Basketball Showcases, in Orlando Florida (Disney World ESPN Sports Complex); which is a first in recent years. The Lady Region Elite Girls Basketball Team was very well coached and brought two impressive championship titles back to the region. Even while on her flight to Orlando Florida, Aleena studied for her summer classes, not that she needed summer classes; this young lady just likes school.

She also enjoys Netflix movies, cleaning, riding her bike, and hanging out with her friends. Aleena doesn’t like things that are not organized, candy or fake friends. Aleena’s dream school that she hopes to attend one day is UCLA; to obtain a degree in business or possibly become a Pediatrician.

Practicing with her father in the neighborhood is not just practice to her, it’s father & daughter bonding time; that she really enjoys. Mother Felisha is her biggest cheerleader/supporter, and the family’s voice of reason, but always with an encouraging word. Lady Felisha constantly sacrifices for her family, especially her daughter’s sporting activities.

Who knows what the future holds for Aleena, and her basketball playing sisters; but when these three young ladies finally figure things out, they will become nightmares for the other teams they play against. The upside to Miss Aleena Mongerie is that she’s very coachable, and has a lot of untapped talent; which is a coach’s dream.

Gigare Lifestyle Magazine is so thrilled, to share a small portion of her story with the world; and to watch her grow into her greatness. Good luck during this year’s varsity basketball season young lady; a season you started as a freshmen, but will end as you being an accomplished baller. Never be afraid to show the world your gifts given to you by higher being. He chose you, now it’s time for you to show us; cherish every moment of your journey, Lady Aleena.


Coach Tony Branch
Gigare Lifestyle Magazine Sports Writer

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