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The Camden Boris Story



In today’s society, there seems to be a lot of young people not enjoying life for various reasons or circumstances, but Mr. Camden Boris doesn’t have those type of problems. At the moment, he understands his position in life and knows there is enough time to deal with adult problems when they arise so he is making sure he enjoys his teenage years.

Camden is a humble young man who lives in Northeast Pennsylvania, he loves his family & friends and they equally love & respect him; probably more than he’ll ever know. Cam loves many things in life, as he is an outdoor person and a big sports fan. Growing up, Camden played a lot of his favorite sports, but basketball keep calling his name and stole him away from all of the other sports that he played so well.

Mr. Camden Boris is the oldest child of Mark & Ronelle Boris, and the big brother of little Miss Sheradyn, who is a good athlete in her own right (Crestwood High School Track Team). The Boris Family is a Sports Family to say the least, which keeps them busy throughout the year; and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Camden’s parents are very supportive of their son, and when speaking with him, he will tell you that’s a quality he loves in both of them.

Camden learned the fine points of the game early, from his uncle Coach Curtis Lloyd an Outstanding Youth Coach in the region and a very good player in his day. The Curly Hair Assassin has really come into his own over these last few years, and is still blooming as a player to watch out for during his junior year at Crestwood High School. Camden has already set goals for his upcoming senior season at Crestwood High School as all the great ones do. This past season, Cam was named the 2nd Team All Star at the Wyoming Valley Conference for his outstanding play during the 2017-2018 Basketball Season.

Camden is a very good student with a 3.70 gpa. He is currently in advanced Chemistry & Biology classes, because he really enjoys the sciences and plans to get his college degree in one of them. Corporate America, I’m putting you on notice, Mr. Camden Boris is will be coming in about 5 years. I sincerely hope you are ready to deal with this young innovative mind.

Camden’s high basketball IQ will be a gift for any coach, at the college level, and what’s extremely attractive is that he is very teachable. This 6′ 1″ combo guard “upside” is through the roof; expectations for him are high (and they should be). He’s getting some local attention at a few colleges in the area, but his game & character can fit into any program, if he is given an honest look by them. I’ve watched this young man grow “Leaps & Bounds” over the years, and he is far from being done. I advise that you get your popcorn ready because the show is about to begin (he is a must see in Northeast Pennsylvania).
The Boris Family are members of the Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady Of Hope. A family that prays together, is obviously a strong family that truly appreciate their blessings.

Gigare Lifestyle Magazine and I, wish you all the best young man because I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time we read about you and the legend of the Curly Hair Assassin of Crestwood High School. It is my sincere honor and pleasure to personally know you and your family, but most of all Cam, I am proud to see you grow up to be a young man society can be proud of.  As a young man living his dream and doing it the right way through hard work and devotion; we have nothing but respect for you sir!

Coach Tony Branch

Gigare Lifestyle Magazine Freelance Sports Writer

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