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20150326_183859Earlier this Spring I was asked could I come, and be a part of a unique “Women Empowerment Conference”; at Tiffin University in Ohio (a small NCAA Division II College). I must be honest with you readers, I actually never heard of the college initially; but I totally believed in the individual that asked me (Dr. Bonnie Teill). I met Dr. Bonnie Tiell (February 2015) in downtown Cincinnati Ohio, while attending this year’s “National Sports Forum” Convention; what a pleasurable meeting that was.

Dr. Bonnie Tiell is the Professor of Business at Tiffin University, which is a small private university in Ohio, and she is very active in bringing forth the school’s “Uniqueness”; but I did not know how much (until I drove to Tiffin University).

The two day event was “Wonderful” to say the least, other universities (large & small) need to be doing this type of stuff (if they are presently not); for their female students. I was enlightened myself during my time there as well. Listening to a young woman (from Washington DC) who’s a key component in our country’s Naval Nuclear Aircraft Carriers Program, and me being a retired Sailor truly impressed me; never saw a woman in such a high position before (a position normally dominated by men).

We truly need Conferences & workshops like this around the country, especially in High Schools; to show our young ladies all the possibilities in front of them. I was blessed to be a part of some “Breakout Sessions”, which was “Active Engagement” with the student body; on various topics that would help them grow professional. There was good questions coming from these “Breakout Tables / Groups”, especially from the seniors who were going to graduate on May 2nd 2015.

I was blessed to meet a few individuals that totally impressed me, my brief time there at this small university; one was Ms. Chantel Sanders. This “Amazing” senior who was getting her college degree in Business Management (with her minor in Marketing), packed a powerful punch; she’s quiet but deadly (like an Assassin). This young lady knew what she wanted out of life, and was so full of life; a young lady of Character (a trait that more people her age should have, instead of trying to be cool; which won’t pay your bills hmm).

imagejpeg_0Next there were three “Outstanding” Tiffin University Track young ladies, I met during the “Job Fair” portion of this two day event at the University; they were very “Outgoing & Bubbly”. I soon realize the three of them; actually sat in on one of the “Breakout Groups” I was a Co-Instructor in; earlier that day. Ms. Chyna Davis, Ms. Theresa Scott, and Ms. Brittany Darby made my day; because they stopped me and started asking me questions about the earlier “Breakout Session” (students who was actually listening, and comprehending the information I gave out hmm)…

I learned later of their love for Collegiate Track, and really how good these three young ladies were. The conversations went from one topic to another, and them being 2nd to 4th year students; their answers was interesting & brought “Value” to the conversation.

As my time approached for me to depart, because I had a 7 hour drive ahead of me (to get back home); we agreed to try and stay in touch via the school’s email system (and we did). Plus I followed their school’s men & women’s track team (online), the rest of the year. I affectionately (with the upmost respect) gave them the name TU’s “Charlie’s Angels”, because talking to them was very “Refreshing”; because they all knew what they wanted out of life.

I’m happy to report that Lady Chantel Sanders, and Lady Chyna Davis graduated as scheduled; this past May 2nd 2015. Lady Brittany Darby & Lady Theresa Scott, made it to the NCAA Division II National Tournament for Track (outdoor), where they took 5th in the Nation; with All American Honors on their 4 X 400 Relay Team.

95MG951563I think our future will be in “Good Hands” especially in the “Business World”, because these four young ladies are future “Movers & Shakers”; that Society is going to have to deal with.. Move over you guys in them “Business Board Rooms”, because that noise you hear on the other side of them doors; are a few “Tiffin University Dragons Ladies”; coming to get their piece of the pie (The American Dream). I know we will be hearing from these “Go Getters” in the future; I can almost guarantee that people…

It was my “Pleasure & Honor” to do this piece, on my visit to this “Wonderful University in Ohio”; the Staff & Professors are “Outstanding”. This University is doing it the “Right Way”, and I personally can’t wait for my next visit there; which should be in March 2016. “Dragon Country” is where things happen; you are a secret “No More” Tiffin University…





Coach Tony Branch

Contributing Writer To GLM


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