Proud to be an American, a Polish American

Proud to be an American, a Polish American.
The Grabowski Family has truly lived the “American Dream,” rough times & all; because that’s what this country is about. When times get tough, Americans get tougher, but most of all; Americans & Families stick together.
Bernadette Grabowski and her family is the essence, of what was previously stated in the paragraph above, individuals that adds “Value” to this country; like all of the immigrants before them. Like all parents, their children are the “Legacy,” and college senior Bernadette (like her older siblings before her); has made her parents so proud. Ms. Bernadette “Bernie” Grabowski is a lovely young lady, who is driven by her love of Education and her family; and of course her love of “The Game.”
When Konrad & Elizabeth made their way to America (both in the 20’s), to have a better life from which they came, they both would later find each other in Chicago; while Konrad worked at Illinois Institute Of Technology. Their love grew & they would eventually get married, and later start a family. Working & trying to raise their family, the best way they can; was all they had time for back then. Raising their family in Crown Point Indiana (on a farm), before finally moving to Munster Indiana; again to better their lives. The Grabowski Family loved learning the ways of America, while always making sure the children learn the customs & language, of their original homeland of Poland (on Saturdays); while attending regular school classes during the week.
“Bernie” became very interested in the game called basketball, at a very young age; playing against her brother. She easily would admit today, she wasn’t very good at all; but continued to learn & play the game. She signed up to play youth basketball, in the 8th grade; with other young girls her age & skill level. “Bernie’s” devotion to the game & her development, allow her to be good enough, to make her school’s girls basketball team; as a “B type player.” This opportunity drove her even more, to get better and gain more experience, and get time on the court. “Bernie” started developing her game more, by playing girls traveling AAU Basketball in the region; with known & unknown players in her area. “Bernie” play picked up greatly, and saw a lot of minutes on the court in high school; where she eventually started her senior year at Munster High School.
All the Grabowski children are great students, and “Bernie” was just that, graduated high school with honors; as she is about to do now from college this upcoming Spring. Winning awards in the classroom at Indiana University Northwest, and her name started showing up on the Chancellor’s List, as well as the Association of Independent Institutions Conference’s; Champions of Character Award last year. NAIA Daktronics Scholar Athlete, with a 4.3 GPA one semester. A Emil S. Liston Award Honoree, along side of being the A.O. Dver Award Honoree; while carrying 19 credit hours during the basketball season.
“Bernie” volunteer her time at local schools in Gary Indiana, her heart is really into being an “Elementary School Teacher.” For four years Bernadette have had a very tight schedule, between her classes & practices then games; she rarely had time for herself. She honestly admitted to me, she’s going to miss it all once she graduates this May; because she Loves being a “Student- Athlete.”
This once not so good basketball player, played 4 years of College Basketball at the NAIA Level, and became a major contributor to the women’s program success this year; as her “Lady Redhawks” head to the NAIA National Championship Tournament. This young lady would like to thank her parents, and 5 other siblings, for always supporting her; and all her coaches over the years that believed in her. Graduating college with her degree in Education, with a GPA of 4.0; is a dream come true.
To see this young lady mature on & off the court, just warms the hearts of us all; who have watched her over the years. Miss Bernadette “Bernie” Grabowski works hard; and all of her awards are truly deserved. She did it the old fashion way, “She Earned It;” especially the praise of her teammates & coaches.. Good luck in the future “Bernie,” but I have a funny feeling; you won’t need it young lady. You just stay determined & focus “Bernie”, and the world is yours; because you have never been afraid of “Hard Work.”
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