The Franklin Men

A family that is saturated in sports can be pretty demanding, and at times chaotic.  This rings especially true for the men in the Franklin family. Jeremy Jr. and Mahlik are carrying on the family tradition.  Jeremy Franklin Sr. loves to talk about his sons, and their achievements, despite some obstacles they have endured. Unfortunately, there are still people who feel that they are sub-par in their own community and in society.

Jeremy Jr. and Mahlik are Biracial.  Growing up in a biracial community with a low tolerance for one race or the other, at times was not easy.  Their father, Jeremy Franklin Sr., has always encouraged his young sons. The young boys were often subjected to the taunts and ignorance of others, but dad always reinforced their strengths.  No one should ever feel uncomfortable because of the color of their skin. Jeremy Jr & Mahlik have always been good young men, good students, and even better athletes in other sports aside from basketball.

Their mother, Amy Jacobs, had to witness certain individuals mistreating her sons on several accounts, but not always racially motivated, according to Jeremy Jr.’s testimony.  I told him I couldn’t imagine what it is like to be biracial and live in the small state of Vermont. People often fear the unknown or are reluctant to fully understand the culture of people who are different. It is a shame that in this 21st century, where we have sworn in an African-American president for two terms, that people still carry racism in their hearts.  No child should ever feel uneasy, simply because of the color of their skin; especially living in America, the home of the free and the land of the brave.

Jeremy Jr. was a great athlete, specifically in baseball/track & field. He was a State Champion in Track & Field, and then he started getting seriously interested in basketball. As a young boy, his father spoke of him being bullied, to the extent of losing his passion for his #1 Sport baseball.  Jeremy Jr. used his experiences as a learning lesson.  Jeremy Jr. admitted he wasn’t the best, comparing himself to the other ballers that he would play against in Chicago, where he would often go to visit his uncle.

Discipline was essential in the Franklin household, but when your father is a Master Sergeant in the United States Marines; you can’t expect anything less. Disciplining young adolescent boys is a difficult task, and the boys definitely did not like it.

Mahlik obviously looked up to his older brother, and naturally followed his brother into the game of basketball. Although the gentlemen are three and half years apart in age, they share the love of basketball, but that is about all. Their career paths and what they like to do in their leisure time, are totally different.  Mahlik loves nature and being outdoors, and is more laid back. He is looking at becoming a Game Warden or Highway Patrolman. Jeremy Jr. is more outgoing and is considering a career in the Criminal Justice System or becoming a Federal Law Officer.

As the family dynamics have changed over the years with their parents being divorced, these two young men have loved their step-mother and their other siblings, Mrs. Phebe Franklin, and sisters Faith & Journea.

The young Franklin men most recently played together, at the University Of Maine at Fort Kent, which was a dream that came true for the both of them. Jeremy Jr. who had previously served briefly in the military has decided to buckle down and focus on getting his college education.

Jeremy Franklin Sr. & Amy Jacobs were very protective parents, and active in their children’s lives. They do not apologize for their son’s upbringing, and will not make excuses either. They are now seeing the fruits of their labor paying off, through two positive, productive and caring young men; who really love life.

Their father’s hard work and discipline in sports ensured these two young men a successful start, and a bright future; in their young lives as “men of purpose” in America.

We at Gigare Lifestyle Magazine wish Jeremy Jr. and Mahlik, continued success in all of their future endeavors. You two gentlemen have set serious goals for yourselves, and are in headed in the right direction. Blessings to you both, and to know “You’re Not Alone,” in this thing call LIFE.

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