The Man For All Seasons


The Man For All Seasons

No young man has done so much for their high school or their community in the last 4 years than Mr. Brian Brennan. Please check out this young man’s amazing story.

Living in a military town is never easy, but is normally very competitive; that is just a raw fact; because the families are from all over the country & overseas. Brian found a way to stand out without being what we would call, a superstar; but his uniqueness about the game is unapproachable during his years in high school in the Beach District. Virginia Beach School District has always been known for its toughness; a conference that is tough from top to bottom; you cannot sleep on any of the teams in this conference.  Mr. Brian Brennan was blessed with a bunch of talent in the area of athletics; which I personally know came from his father, Mr. Bill Brennan. Mr. Bill Brennan was a very good athlete during his military years in the Tidewater / Hampton Roads area; its no wonder why his son, Brian is into various sports.

Brian Brennan has obtained numerous varsity letters in sports during his four years at Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Brian’s varsity letters were earned in soccer-3, basketball-3, volleyball-1, and football-1. Brian was a very good soccer player; and could have easily played soccer at the college level; but his first love is basketball; just like his father, Bill. Brian has been an impact player in all the sports he participates in at Tallwood High School. Punting the football to pin his opponent inside their own 15-yard line, scoring 21 points & grabbing 11 rebounds in a Holiday Basketball Tournament Game, scoring the winning goal in a soccer game; just to name a few.

Brian Brennan had a few basketball offers from several NCAA Division III colleges; and made a couple of college visits during the recruitment process. I’m happy to say that Mr. Brian Brennan is now a freshman at Hampton Sydney College; which is in Farmville, Virginia. The coaches there will love this “scrappy” player and the visiting teams probably won’t like Brian much; he has the ability to be a “game changer” quietly (if there is actually such a thing…hmm). Brain’s leadership skills were obvious his senior year at Tallwood High School, where he was named Team Captain in basketball; and the only player that year to start / play every game. He was also named the school’s, “Male Athlete of The Year.”

Brian is the real “MVP” in my book because of his commitment to giving back to his community, and society as a whole.  Brian had completed 500 hours of volunteering, during his senior year in high school, while maintaining a 3.45 GPA. He was a member of the “Student Exchange Program” as well. He lived with a German family a couple weeks in Germany; then the following year, a German boy would do the same at his home, here in America.

Brian also was a part of feeding the homeless in Norfolk, Virginia through his church. He also helped out in an impoverished community in McKey, Kentucky, a couple of his summers – again, through his church there in Virginia Beach. Most young men today would not commit this much time to anything; especially off the playing field/court. This is a direct reflection on how this young man is being raised by his parents; and humanity is surely better off because of the teachings of his parents & his church.

Thank you, Mr. Brian Brennan, for being that great young, American male, that some people out there is trying to say no longer exist; well they haven’t looked closely at your life, sir.

Gigare Lifestyle Magazine & I, just want to say publicly, “thank you.” The next generation is surely in good hands, with young people like you at the wheel.

May you always be encouraged about life and Blessed along the way; because your journey will be long and beneficial to Mankind; I’m sure of it.

Coach Tony Branch

GLM Freelance Sports Writer

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