“They Don’t Know My Heart”


“They Don’t Know My Heart”

Have you ever been told by people, you’re not tall enough, not fast enough, not good enough; but succeeded anyway in spite of the remarks.. Well Miss De’jah “Boo Boo” Weathersby probably heard it all, and then some; but she never really let it shake her. The negative remarks definitely touched her heart, but her love for the game of basketball was stronger than the noise of the negativity she received; because she never lacked “Self-confidence.”

De’jah’s parents John & Sharon Weathersby, taught both of their children, to always believe in & to respect themselves; especially in the eyes of unfair criticism… Stand tall alway, and never hide from criticism; and always control your emotions publicly.

De’jah comes from a very close knit loving family, that are very involved in their family’s church; and things that are important to them in their community. This basic formula has worked well for the Weathersby family, who already have their son De’jon, in college at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff; on a music scholarship (Marching Band). De’jah who herself use to play “Saxophone” at Rich South High School, an award winning Marching Band in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. This outstanding high school band has played in front of, the Chinese Ambassador; and have marched in Chicago’s infamous “Bud Billiken Parade.” This high school marching band, was the first suburb school; to win the Chicago College Football Classic Band Competition in 2014.

De’jah is not as outgoing to the general public at first, until she gets to know you, but that is when you will really see the “Real De’jah”; a very happy and funny young lady.

She has always been an excellent student, but she’s not openly comfortable talking about her academic achievements; because she’s a very “Low Key” type of person. De’jah maintains a “B+” average, and is a regular on the school’s “A-B Honor Roll” List. As a young sophomore in high school, and true student athlete, she was also a member of her school’s “Elite 8” varsity basketball team; making a run at the 3A Class Illinois State Girls High School Championship.

Where most young ladies her age, would run to the mall; or are constantly playing with their cell phones. De’jah would go outside and workout by herself, to continue to develop her skills on the basketball court, because she has set personal goals for herself; that I wish more young people would do today. She invest all of her extra time, on herself, and now it’s paying off. She’s now a senior Co-Captain, on the Rich South Girls High School Varsity Basketball Team, and is presently fielding basketball scholarship offers from 3 to 5 different colleges; even as this article is presently being written on her. De’jah’s personal investment in herself, these last few years, will now help her obtain a 4 year college degree, at one of the colleges recruiting her; starting this upcoming Fall college semester..

De’jah has volunteered her time to help other young students, at Blackhawk Elementary School; in Forest Park Illinois; and senior citizens facility at the Glenshire Nursing Home in Richton Park. Again, a foundation set forth by her parents, about giving back to the community; in which they live in.

Like most young people De’jah’s age, she loves to travel; and she really likes photography. She is forever challenging her mother in “Home Dance Off Competition,” where her mom really holds her own; Sharon is no rookie at the dance game ha.. Life at times is one big competition to Miss De’jah Weathersby, I guess it comes from being told, what she can or could not do in life; on & off the court. It may sound cruel to some people, but words that motivated her; and still do. Trust me when I tell you about this people, you better believe she’s winning in this game call “Life”; in spite of some individuals who should have encouraged her along her journey (but did not). I know exactly how this young lady feels, when people & some coaches you put your trust in, but won’t put their trust in you or your ability; so she had to earn it by literally “taking it.” That is when you are really forced to “Trust Yourself & Instincts,” and become your own cheerleader & biggest fan; besides your family..

The 5 feet 6 inches future college “Combo Guard,” is planning on getting into Physical Education, or being an Athletic Trainer; she loves the possibilities that both can bring to her life.. I honestly feel whatever this young lady puts her mind to, she will eventually achieve it; so doubting her is unnecessary “Time Wasted.”

We all wished we had a person of her character, on our team; or within our group of friends. Once she was actually told she was too small, to slow, too short; can’t shoot. Now she is too fast, too good, for some colleges in the Midwest to ignore.. A young lady that will be an asset to any college campus, incoming freshmen class, the true “Essence” of the term “Student Athlete.”

We here at Gigare Lifestyle Magazine, are so proud of you Miss De’jah Weathersby, and know that the world has not seen the best of you yet. Let no one ever again tell you, what you can & can not do with your life; but somehow I think you already know this. Thank you again young lady, for letting us tell our National and International readers your story…

Coach Tony Branch

Freelance Writer for GLM

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