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There was a recent community event “Give Rise To A Leader” Scholarship Fundraiser, in Northwest Indiana, to acknowledge two young people that are self-starters with big aspirations and dreams.
On April 19th, 2018 at 6:30 pm, at the Shades Of Time in Highland Indiana, Miss Sydnie Roberson & Mr. Julio Reyes were awarded one the 1st Annual “Give Rise To A Leader” Scholarship Awards. A new regional award created from a 10-minute phone conversation with Ambassador Dr. Vernet A. Joseph Jr. and Ambassador Dr. “Coach” Tony Branch. This local fundraiser helps to offset some of the high cost of college books/classes etc; because we know that FASFA and most grants barely cover all the cost of higher education for these young students. Work Study is not an option for a lot of incoming freshmen, or freshmen already in college (normally).
The male awardee this year was Mr. Julio Reyes, from Crown Point High School; who will be seeking to obtain an Electrical Engineering Degree. Mr. Julio Reyes will graduate high school “Magna Cum Laude” with honors soon, with a 4.0 GPA all four years of his high school career. He was the 2017 & 2018 All-State Academic Wrestler for the state of Indiana. He truly cherishes his 2017 Semi-State All-State Wrestling Qualifier, in the 113-pound weight class. He is also a member of his school’s Spanish Club, that recently traveled to Costa Rica. Julio will be attending Purdue University Northwest this fall semester of 2018, in Hammond, Indiana. Julio loves his family, and his father Joseph is one of his biggest fans; because his son totally has his head on straight all the time.
The female awardee was Miss Sydnie Roberson, was a graduate of East Chicago Central High School last year, and who is actually an outstanding freshman at Purdue University Northwest Campus in Hammond, Indiana. In her education career to date, Sydnie has always been a high honor roll student; and graduated high school with a 3.96 GPA last year, along with being a Cardinal Cheerleader her years in high school. Being selected squad captain her senior year, Sydnie has actually been a cheerleader since 4th grade actually; and she believes in being supportive & having school pride always.
Miss Sydnie Roberson refused to let herself, get caught up in all the negativity, outside in her community; that normally draws about 40% of our young people easily. She likes to lead by example, but that was not always that easiest thing to do; because of her outgoing personality. Her faith was tested when she found herself in a little drama, her senior year in high school, due to some unfair treatment in school, by a few individuals; but Sydnie would not engage in such foolishness. This young lady stayed true to herself, and remember that she must always act like a leader; because she had younger classmates watching her actions consistently.
This little power ranger stands all of 5 feet 2 inches, who is vibrant & respectful; and most of all a person of true Faith. She attends church in East Chicago Indiana as well, at Zion Missionary Baptist Church; under the direction of Pastor Dr. Charles Thompson Jr.
Sydnie is sometimes too hard on herself because she constantly goes through a self-evaluation; when she thinks she maybe didn’t try hard enough at something. She plans on obtaining a physical therapist degree, which is a career that is seriously in demand right now. She was recently introduced to Mr. Vann Huffine, who is a well-known physical therapist himself in the region; and he volunteered to mentor her in her new career path.
Sydnie Roberson came from loving parents and is the youngest child of 4 brothers & 2 sisters; that she loves dearly. As Sydnie is finishing up her first year, at Purdue University Northwest in Hammond, Indiana; she’s already considered a Sophomore in her freshmen year because she’s a “credit eating machine.”
Gigare Lifestyle Magazine wishes you both continued success in the future and in all of your adult endeavors; the world needs more individuals like you two.
               Dr. “Coach” Tony Branch 
 Gigare Lifestyle Magazine Freelance Writer
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