Coach Tony The Man The Humanitarian

I have known Coach Tony Branch for many years; when my daughter made it on his basketball team for AAU. Since then I have watched him instill in his players the ethics of teamwork and self worth. Coach Tony is more than a coach to these girls, he is a father figure, friend, and mentor to them. He teaches more than winning in the game of basketball but how to win at the game of life. He shows them that education is the number one goal and basketball is the means to get there. Coach Tony has assisted 162 young people to get into college. The reason he is so adamant about education is because he missed the opportunity to attend college (but you will read about that in his book).

Being asked to co-author the book about his life stories was a privilege for me. It gave me a chance to see inside the world of Coach Tony and how life’s experiences shaped him into the man he is today. His passion and caring for the youth of America and the love for his country is evident as you read each chapter of the book.

From his humble beginnings in the Bronx of New York, to the military, and on to becoming an honorary Ambassador, Coach Tony walks us through his life.  In his words, he gives us a glimpse of how the death of Martin Luther King Jr and other Civil Rights Leaders affected him, and the neighborhood around him, as a young child. This book gives us stories and pictures of a young boy growing up in a loving home by a single mother who provided for him and his siblings the best she could; and showed her children how to give back and help others.  We then learn about his high school years and the missed opportunity to go to college on a football scholarship. Coach Tony’s twenty year military career will keep you turning the pages as we follow him along on his journeys to Japan and other military bases before retiring from the Navy. You will see how his volunteering and working with young people led him to the show Secret Millionaire. How his gift for coaching took a team of girls from Northwest Indiana to a National AAU runner up trophy in 2009. You will read testimonials from people that Coach Tony has inspired through the years and is still doing to this day.

In writing and listening to Coach Tony as we worked on his book, it made me put my life in perspective. Hearing all of the things that he went through; gave me a different view of how lucky I was growing up and made me thankful for what God has given me. I no longer take things for granted and when I look at other people, who are not as fortunate as I am, I want to do something to help them. It is my hope that Coach Tony’s book will do the same for every one that reads it. That we all will do more to make our world a better place one person at a time.


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