Build A New PAST!

Build A New PAST!

By: Houssam Makki

Author / Speaker / Life & Leadership Coach

I remember one day when I was in high school, my friends and I were sitting in a circle trying to write a song by coming up with a catchy sentence from each one of us; one of my sentences was, “Let your past push your present to the future.”

Now all these years past and I still remember this sentence; and over time I found that it is a fact, our past is what pushes our present to the future. In fact, the richer the past, the greater the present, the brighter the future!

The good news is everybody can build a new past. Now, building a new past depends on two factors:

  1. Experience
  2. Evaluated Experience

Think of it this way: the past is like the strong base where you can build your future on. If your past is not solid, your future will be fragile. You may ask, “And what does the present represent?” I would say the present is the technology that was developed and motivated by the past for a better building process to evaluate and recreate; because at the end, the past is the base that needs to be developed,

No one can build a bright future, only a new past, referring to the illustration above. Can you build a building without having a solid base? The reason why I am saying this is because a very high percentage of people underestimate the past or misunderstand it; and they buy into the bright future. Much worse, some fall into the illusion of being a victim. In result, they miss the opportunity of evaluating their past experiences or learning from the small things that they have come across on a daily basis.

Don’t you know that your “now” after 1 minute is going to be…your past?

You might be saying to yourself that this sounds familiar; and we came across many similar statements such as. “5 years from now, you will wish that you had started today.” So what? It is just a well said statement. Now, if you are thinking this way, then let me tell you that you haven’t learned how to build a new past yet! Because you failed to pay attention for a small thing that challenges you to think deep.

Be careful, simple statements are not easy to understand. It is worth reflecting on to learn from them.

Perhaps, that could be a good question. What is the benefit of building a new past?

As mentioned above, “Let your past push your present to the future.” If you are like me, I get motivated by my past to move forward. Few years ago, my past wasn’t rich with experiences to learn from and to develop; but there were enough reasons for me to come up with the idea of building a new past that keeps motivating my present.

Let me share with you one example:

Two years ago, my past was that I had no book; and today, my past is that I am an author of a book called, “The Reborn.” I am also in the process of writing the second book. Now, the “The Reborn” is a new past that is motivating me to write the second one; so you see the relationship between the past that pushes the present is like the arc that pushes the spear!

If you are to build a new past, consider working on your P.A.S.T. and what I mean is:

Change your Perspective: do you know that life is a matter of perspective? How we look at things determines how we see life; our ability to solve, overcome or be creative is based on our perspective.

Raise your Awareness: do you really know who you are? Answering such a question is not easy as it may sound. Most of the genius people that we all know didn’t know who they were and what they were capable of doing to make world a better place; until they dove into themselves and understood their worth and value. Most importantly, what gifts they were holding within.

Avoid a Scarcity mindset: When God created us as human beings, He created unlimited opportunities and chances in life for each of us; yet those who obtain a scarcity mindset, think limited in everything, they think that an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime and if you didn’t grab it, it’s gone forever and you will be labeled as failure. The reason why most people buy into this idea is because they have a scarcity mindset and believe that chance and opportunities are limited; not only that, but also they think that there are people who have better luck than others.

Be Teachable: as long as you are breathing, you are learning and the first thing you need to learn is that you will remain a student of life; even if you have a position or responsible for kids or grandkids; if you are not teachable and learning from everything around you, you will miss the opportunity of being a source of wisdom, knowledge and experiences where you can be an added value for your family, friends and team!

Make it a habit to look at things from different angles. Know who you are; don’t fall into the trap of limited thinking and never miss an opportunity to learn.

Build a new PAST and build it NOW!

I am Houssam Makki, I am the reborn; this is my message, and I am paying it forward to inspire others.

Be blessed!

Houssam Makki
Author / Speaker / Life & Leadership Coach

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