Built To Last: Sustainable Leadership

Built To Last:  Sustainable Leadership

By:  Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert

Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.


            When you think about the statement, Built to last,” what actually comes to mind? For me, I can extract two important factors from this: (1.) something being built or constructed; and (2.) the quality of that which has been built.  This is important to note because it amplifies the fact that it’s possible to build something that is not sustainably constructed.  There is a passage of scripture in the Bible (Ref: Matt 7:24-29) that explains a situation where two men built homes, but on different foundations. One chose to build his house on a rock foundation; and the other, unfortunately, chose to build his house solely on the sand.  The decision to build on the sand ended in devastation; but the house that was built on the rock was able to sustain the extreme weather conditions that had hit BOTH homes.

In regards to leadership, we must choose to build our lives on solid principles and values; that will enable us to be effective as leaders on a continual basis.  The value of a leader is based on the leader’s values.  Assuming a leadership role doesn’t automatically imply that you will be successful as a leader.  You have to be intentional about your leadership development and growth.  A leader who expects to be a leader for the long haul must also be prepared to be a lifelong learner.  Our capacity to learn and grow as leaders either qualifies or disqualifies us.  In order to remain functional, we must be intentional. As a matter of fact, I always like to say, “Potential is NOT functional.” This means that we cannot rely on a person’s potential to deliver; but must only expect to receive that which a person functionally delivers on a continual basis.

I love to travel; and over the years, I have been able to visit a few historic sites that have buildings that are hundreds of years old.  It amazes me that they have survived all of these years. Still standing strong!  I have to think that those buildings were made with longevity in mind. I haven’t had the opportunity as of yet to visit the pyramids in Egypt; but I hope to one day be able to see those as well.  It just reminds me that we as leaders must be built to last.  Leadership is not easy; a lot of people like the prestige of being the leader; but fail to recognize the weight and responsibility it carries.  There should be a gravity present in leaders that helps to keep us anchored, centered, and focused.

I have served in the military, in non-profits, and in corporate America; and I have seen in all those settings the dire need for leadership strength that lasts.  In each of those areas, there are challenges that arise; challenges that demand solutions or actions to be taken in order to restore peace or productivity.  Because of this, we all have the opportunity to step up and become change agents.  For those who are catalysts, problems don’t cause them to shrink back or relent.  True leadership accepts the challenge and believes that they have the capacity to change the trajectory of the organization.  Now, we can’t be naïve to think that because “we say” that we can deliver results, that results will actually manifest. That’s why being a leader with sustainable strength and influence matters.

The only way for us to be leaders with that type of strength is to ensure that our leadership philosophy and values are based on truth, wisdom, principle, integrity, and duty.  This won’t happen by default.  Developmental growth as leaders is both intentional and incremental.  Little by little, day by day, we can become more refined as functional leaders.  Leadership strength is not developed overnight; and while most people want to believe that they’re a good leader, far fewer actually walk in that capacity.  If we will lay a firm foundation in regards to the leadership values that we will not compromise over, we can solidify our purpose, influence, and longevity.

I challenge you to evaluate yourself in regards to your personal leadership.  How well do you lead your own life?  Do you follow through with your own goals and plans?  It’s OK if you find that you need to tighten up; all of us do in some form or fashion. The good thing is that we can improve; and if we can improve, we can grow stronger as leaders; and ultimately create the sustainable leadership that leaves a legacy.  In regards to your personal and professional leadership, don’t just settle with being built; be built to LAST!

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Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert

Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

Email: contact@crownlifeseminars.com

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