Live To Leave A Statue

Live To Leave A Statue

By: Houssam Makki

Author / Speaker / Teacher / Life & Leadership Coach

One day, I was asked, “If your life was a briefcase, what would you carry in it?”  I thought to myself: “What a wonderful question to illustrate legacy!”

I started talking about the importance of being a student of life; welcome everything life throws at us and turn our experiences, failures and successes into lessons learned; and call them, “successories” that we carry in our briefcase.

The higher we climb in our journey; the more successories we fill in our briefcase, the more priceless it will become. The brand of my briefcase, ladies and gentlemen, is LEGACY!

Few months ago, I wrote about growth being the essence of life; so is legacy. Thinking about what fruit you hold inside of you; and that is, to know your purpose is as important as thinking how much you will produce of this fruit; and how people are going to live a good life because of what you have left for them.

The Italian sculptor, painter and poet, Michelangelo once said: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

I loved this statement; and I find it to be true. I have always said that, “Challenges are there in our life to build our character, and not to destroy it.” The character is who you are from the inside; now who is the sculptor here? It is our Creator; and He does the sculpting by allowing all the struggles, obstacles and challenges.

The most foolish thing a human can do is to try and resist or complain about what is already been recorded in his or her destiny before being born.

In one of his teaching sessions, John Maxwell said something that really triggered in my mind while I was listening to him. He said, “What we want is not always what we need; and what we need is not always what we want.”

You have no clue what you need and how you should be sculptured; this is not of your business. All you need to do is to accept it and reflect on it; to know what is the lesson behind it; because after each obstacle or challenge comes, your role to create more successories to fill your briefcase with; or even add them on your statue, that is continually being sculpted until it becomes what it should become.

I have always been telling others: “You are not alone on any project you are doing; you have a partner with you, and that is God.”

You and God are partners in building the best statue you can ever build; that will live long after you are not there. He shapes it and you add to it.

He shapes it the way it should be by the obstacles and challenges; and you add to it from the successories that you collected from growing through your journey.

Think of this, why do people travel miles to visit statues?

  • They value the character.
  • They respect the character.
  • They enjoy the artwork.
  • They know that this character made history.
  • They know that this character lived to leave a legacy.
  • They know that this character impacted the world.
  • They want to learn more about the character.

Now, there is another thing we need to understand very well; and that is the difference between the things that happen to us and the things that happen for us.

The other day, my cousin and I were taking a walk; and he asked me, “Why do we face challenges while we are doing good in life and with people? I mean, we don’t do harm.” I smiled and said, “You have to be thankful because you are getting the things that are customized just for you.” He asked again what did I mean? And I told him, “Your challenges and obstacles in life are already meant to come your way during your existence in life; whether you did good or bad.” As I mentioned earlier, these are what God shapes your statue with. Then I continued, “The things that happen to you are a result of your decisions and choices; which means if you do bad, bad things will happen to you and if you did good, you will get a good return.” In other words, (treat others the way you would like to be treated) it is called, The Golden Rule.

Start living your life intentionally regarding leaving a legacy that will live long after you leave. Let God sculpt your statue; and you take care of filling your briefcase with successories by learning from life and growing through it, modeling the golden rule.

Live to leave a statue!

I am Houssam Makki. I am the reborn; this is my message, and I am paying it forward to inspire others.

Be blessed,

Houssam Makki

Author / Speaker / Teacher / Life & Leadership Coach

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