Congratulations, you survived 2016 and made it past January 1st, 2017! This is a time when many of us reflect on our past triumphs and tragedies. Then we declare on New Year’s Eve that this year has got to be better than last year. I totally agree with this sentiment. We have to strive to be a better version of ourselves daily. Maybe some make vision boards or goal outlines to help with charting a course for new success. Unfortunately, others make resolutions that are unrealistic because it takes a revelation. A revelation of who you are and if you love the “skin you are in.” It takes an awakening to self and a reshaping of our minds and thoughts. This comes easier for some and for others it is a struggle. The poem below shares my personal journey to freedom in mind, body and spirit. On the battlefield of our minds, the struggle is real!




Want to be free

Long to be

Free of all the inequity

No judgment

No guilt and shame

Free to be no one but me

Can you see, I wish to be…

Want to be free

Free of all emotion

Not held hostage to yesterday’s pain

Only loyalty and devotion

Free to want something purely for a future me

Do you understand, Not a selfish wish but need to be better…

Want to be free

Free of owning unnecessary possessions

Of jealous discussions

But open to sharing and unconditional love

Free as an unburdened dove

Free to give

 To live

To laugh

To love

Free to be pursuing me

Listen, I must be…

Let me fly to an askew of indigo

As I ascend into the sky

Watch me rise, let me go

Up into the mountains on high.




You know, all this time I was free

I was a prisoner of my own mind,

Seeing through the opinions of others

Listening to voices that had no encouragement

Thinking the media and society ideals were real

Letting temporary situations speak permanently

I was blind but now I see

I was always able to be me

I am finally able to love on me

To move forward

Unapologetically Unique

And accept that I AM ….free



Written by Diversity & Inclusion Advocate and Proud Woman Veteran Ms. Beverly VanTull




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