The 3 B’s I Learned

The 3 B’s I Learned

By: Houssam Makki

Author / Speaker / Life & Leadership Coach

Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful thing in my opinion; because an entrepreneur has the chance to experience life a lot more than any other person.

A quick definition of what an entrepreneur is: he or she is the individual who has the courage to risk and create or handle something bigger than themselves. An entrepreneur believes in freedom and not security!

Now in general, we all have major breakthroughs in our lives that cause changes to happen; and this change mainly takes place in our thinking, where we begin to evaluate the situation.
Ordinary people focus on the problem and see themselves as victims; while others start looking for solutions.

What if you were running your own business with no previous experience of how to handle one and its challenges; more worse, you are by yourself and no one to help or support. That’s right, that was me!

I had no one for advice; never knew the basics. All that I was aware of was that if I had the money, I can start; if not, then I won’t. I didn’t know where I was going and what I wanted; but I was sure that I was making very good money in a very little time. In 2008, and specifically during the economic crisis that had hit the world, I lost my 6 months old business.

It was a very hard time that I went through. I realize today that it was a great turning point in my life; because this big loss of a business made me calm down, look around and reflect on many areas of my life that I had a blind sight on.

To my surrounding and society, I failed; and I was told words that nearly made me believe it was the end of the world or the end of me. I was convinced that an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime; and if not done right, it is gone forever; but today, I confidently say that failure is the mother of all successes. You can fail a lot until you succeed. The key is to keep trying! Where I reached in my life is a result of many breakthroughs; and where I am standing today is because of my business loss.

Back in that time, like many people, I was asking and whining: Why me?
Today, whenever I recall my major turning point, I thank god because this experience came in a time where I had a space to evaluate and think deep of many things. That led me to an answer; and that was to grow anything, you must grow you first; and to grow yourself, one must have a growth mindset.

Let me here share with you what I have learned from this experience that made me gritty in my journey; and that was to recognize what I call the 3 B’s. These 3 B’s are so powerful if taken seriously. They are to be reflected on and understood.

If your beliefs have boundaries, then you are blind somewhere; so the first one is:

Believe: – We live today in a world that is filled with confusion; and I think one of the reasons is that in many cultures, people force their communities on what to believe or how to believe; which in return, created a kind of resistance and or refusal; and what made it worse are the ignorant individuals who pay it forward to generations after them. Why is it important to take control of your belief system? Simply because your belief is connected to your own philosophy that shapes your life; your belief is your identity.
Here are some questions that I use that might help you to start with:

What is stored in my belief system?
Is what I believe in, mine or someone else’s?
Do I visit and or evaluate my beliefs more often?


Boundaries: – If you search for the meaning of boundary, you will get this (a line which marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.) as a result.
Now think of it: we are born free, right? Where are the boundaries then? The boundaries are people and systems; basically anything that in some way marks limits of your humanity and life. For example, it could be parents, society, schools etc….No one can change something he or she is not aware of, that is why identifying the boundaries in our life is important, because then one can be matured enough to deal with any situation he or she faces, whether from people or systems without any confusion. The more we understand boundaries the wiser we get in terms of thinking right and acting right.


Blindness: – Back to the reality and truth; reality says that blindness means losing sight or not being able to see; while the truth says, it is never about not having sight, but it is about not seeing God in every moment of our life, in everything we face. There are a lot of communities who believe faith must be separated from any other things we do or experience in our life. To me, this is the reason why the world is suffering from confusion.

So… why the 3 Bs?

Believe: helps you identify your uniqueness.
Boundaries: make you understand that there are no limits.
Blindness: redefine the meaning so you know that God is your partner in everything you do and every aspect of your life.

Faith is the foundation of freedom!

I am Houssam Makki; I am the reborn; this is my message, and I am paying it forward to inspire others.

Be blessed

Houssam Makki
Author / Speaker / Life & Leadership Coach

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