The Ascension: We’re going UP!

crown-life-u-logoThe Ascension: We’re going UP!

By: Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert / Consultant
Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

It’s the beginning of a new year and everyone is ready to start it off strong! You will hear many people making “new year resolutions” and setting goals for themselves to achieve. Personally, I don’t recommend people to opt into that type of behavior; because I believe we should start each year with a running start; which means that you don’t choose to change on January 1st. Change should be pursued the moment you recognize that it’s needed; and that’s why I’m so excited about this year! We have been laying the necessary groundwork for a productive and progressive 2017, in regards to impact and results.

On my most recent Crown Life Leadership Call, I shared about what happens to the bamboo tree in regards to growth. You see, the bamboo tree will not experience any “above ground” growth during the first four years; and then in the fifth year, it can exponentially grow as much as 90 feet!  This speaks to the principle of having a strong foundation and system in place that can support the external efforts. The foundation is key to sustainable success; so we have to have our “roots deep” if we expect to be able to grow into all we’re purposed to be in life.

This is “The Year of Ascension.” If you have a been doing the work and sowing the right seeds in your life and business, you can expect for 2017 to be your “lift off” year. We’re going UP!  This will not happen by default. It is very much intentional based on the labor we’ve exerted.  If we will do what’s required, we will see the manifestation of the vision; if we won’t do what’s necessary, we won’t see any results.  Can a farmer be expectant of a harvest from the seeds he neglected to sow? Of course not! He can only have an expectation based on what’s he done prior to the harvest season. It’s the same in the case with us in regards to success.

Do you really WANT to go up is the question? Now, you may ask me why would I ask such a question; because the answer is obvious, right?  Well, I’ve come to realize that it’s the very antithesis.  People desire more, but refuse to do more (at least temporarily until things change). This is a recipe for disaster; wanting something that you aren’t truly committed to.  Time will tell if we’re serious or not. You won’t be able to fake it but for so long. If you truly want to succeed, you will find a way! That’s the type of mentality that champions have.  Instead of thinking of ways for you not to move ahead; start thinking about how more fulfilled and at peace you will be if you go after your personal and professional goals.

There’s so much work to be done. We all have 24 hours or 1,440 minutes in which to allocate our time and efforts. It’s time for us to get laser focused on our unique assignment in life. None of us have time to waste. We’re not getting any younger and life is not going to wait until we “get our act together.” As I mentioned earlier, I’m so excited for this year. The possibilities are endless in regards to how much we can accomplish in 2017. The good part about it is the fact that I have laid the groundwork for success.  You and I must enable success through preparation, excellence and diligence.  People will not be able to deny your results this year. Your best days are truly ahead of you.  Just keep “doing the work.” All of the rest of the parts will be added to you.

Keep a teachable spirit this year (and beyond). Don’t be afraid to ask questions. None of us know it all. We must take advantage of wise counsel and plan accordingly. Many people have “crashed and burned” due to the fact that they did not want to ask anyone for help. Let’s not make that mistake. We can learn from their errors and use wisdom along the way towards our personal destiny.  God plans for us are for good; and He wants us to have a bright future and an everlasting hope. If we keep our eyes on the “true prize” at hand, we won’t miss this golden opportunity in 2017.  This year has been labeled, “the year of ascension.”  It’s wise of us not to take this too lightly. Maximize what you have; do whatever you can; and start where you are. Keep a journal with you as well. Write down the ideas that come your way; create a plan of action; and execute with discipline and passion.  If we never back down, turn around or lay down, we are destined to ascend after the season of proving has come and gone. It’s now our time; we’re going UP!

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Marquez Hughley
Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert / Consultant
Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

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