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By: Marquez Hughley
Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert / Consultant
Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

For the past last 3 ½ years, I have been mentoring and coaching someone by the name of Houssam Makki. The interesting thing about this mentor/mentee relationship is the fact that Houssam lives is Salmiya, Kuwait and I live in Tampa, Florida. Now, you may be wondering how we actually established this connection; given that we are so far away from each other! Allow me to explain how this unfolded. Houssam had been wanting to take his life to the next level, but did not truly know where to start. He had recently taken some wisdom that he learned from Robert Kiyosaki; which was to look for a mentor, not a friend. This began his search for a mentor to help him gain the success strategies needed to bring his dreams to fruition.

Houssam began adding people as friends on social media and reviewing their mentoring programs. He came across my profile and had taken a deep-set interest in a message that we call, “Crown Life.” I had developed the “Crown Life” theme from an acrostic from the word, “crown.” I took the 5 letters and chose 5 words that would help a person maximize their potential and achieve extraordinary results in regards to their personal and professional goals. The C stands for CHAMPION; it means that you’re number one because there is only one of you. This speaks to our significance and importance in regards to fulfilling one’s unique purpose in life. We have our own fingerprint and retina; we are all crafted by God for a particular assignment in life.

The R stands for RELEASE; it means that you should release of your gifts, talents, ideas and creative ability into the earth. It’s said that the richest places in the word are not the oil fields in the Middle East or diamond mines in Africa. The world’s richest places are the graveyards; because that’s where a lot of people took their gifts and talents – they basically died within them. They never took the time and effort to pursue what they were carrying all their lives. The “Crown Life” encourages and inspires people to not allow that type of situation to play out in their lives.

The O stands for OPERATE; it means to operate in excellence in everything that you do. It’s commonly said that the way you do business is just as important as the business you do. It matters. The late George Washington Carver was quoted saying, “Do common things in uncommon ways and you will command the attention of the world.” Carver knew what he was talking about; because he did just that. His agricultural prowess had caused Henry Ford to want to hire him, and even world leaders reached out to him to help them improve their techniques. If we’re truly passionate about something, it should also be our desire to be excellent at it.

The W stands for WORTH; it means to know your worth; you are invaluable. No one can truly pay you for the gifts and talents you possess. They would run out of money before you ran out of gifting! This also speaks to your confidence that you have something of value to add to the world. You have to know that there is a place for your abilities, and it must be contributed for the betterment of the world. We should desire to leave the earth better than when we found out; so we have to know that what we’re carrying can bring about that positive change.

Lastly, the N stands for NEVER; it means that we should never accept mediocrity in life. The word “mediocre” comes from a Latin word that means, “middling point; halfway up the mountain; halfway to your destination.” If you think of being stuck halfway, you have to know that it’s a frustrating place to be; but that’s where most people live each day. We have to resolve that we’re never going to settle for a mundane and mediocre life; especially when God has created us to do so much more!

These five words (Champion / Release / Operate / Worth / Never) form a strategic framework for goal achievement and leadership development. This is also the reason why Houssam didn’t have to look further for his winning strategy. He immediately signed up for my 4-week, Crown Life Coaching program. In order to facilitate the coaching sessions, we utilized technology to bridge the gap. We used Skype calls, video conferencing, Whatsapp, desktop sharing programs, and the like. After Houssam had completed the program, he made me aware that he also wanted to share this Crown Life message that had so deeply impacted his life.

He requested if he could be a representative for my “Crown Life” message in the Middle East. I had not thought of expanding like that at that point, but I quickly saw how potentially massive the vision could become with opening up this type of reach. I then created the “Crown Life Trainers International” program; in which Houssam Makki became the first certified trainer and life coach. He has accomplished so many things since his start with Crown Life; to include writing his first book entitled, “The Reborn.”

He and I just recently had the privilege to meet each other face to face for the first time! He and his wife had come to Orlando to graduate from John Maxwell’s Coaching program just recently; which put him only a little over an hour away in drive time! We had an awesome time together in the city of Orlando and took some time to discuss the future of Crown Life. We’re so excited for the doors that are opening for us to get the Crown Life message out to the world.


We want to expand our team globally and would love for you to join us as “21st Century Agents of Change.” If you’re ready to go to the next level in regards to goal achievement and leadership development, we want you to contact us. Both Houssam and I know that you will never be the same after you learn our methodology. We know how to get results, and we want you to join the team! To learn more about Crown Life, visit:

Marquez Hughley
Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert / Consultant
Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

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