2015 “GLM 40” Highlight in Technology: Apple Watch

AppleWatchThe 2015 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights the Apple Watch in the area of Technology. Apple Corporation officially launched the Apple watch on April 24th and have sold nearly 7 million units to date. The product’s functionality is a breakthrough in “wearable tech.” The case of the watch is crafted from a refined 316L stainless steel that’s been cold forged, making it up to 80 percent harder. This means that the watch is less susceptible to nicks and corrosion and has a beautiful mirror finish. The display is protected by ultra-hard, polished, precision-machined sapphire crystal. The Apple watch delivers vital information when and where you need it; and helps you easily perform everyday tasks in seconds. It keeps you connected with the people and things you care about most. It’s a watch, but unlike any you’ve ever imagined. We are proud to recognize the Apple Watch and Apple Corporation for their innovation in the year of 2015!

Website: http://www.apple.com/watch/

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