5 Tips to Come Up with Engaging Tutorials for a Business

By:  Abe Abbie

Tutorials are one of the most popular forms of video content, and most businesses create them either to demonstrate the capabilities of their products and promote them – or for internal training purposes. However, as much as tutorials are inherently useful to viewers, if you aren’t careful they can come across as dull and boring – which will invariably cause you to lose viewers.

That is why it is important that your business doesn’t just create tutorials – but creates tutorials that are engaging. To do that, there are 5 tips in particular that could make a huge difference:

  • State the objective and benefits right off the bat

Did you know that most viewers choose whether or not to keep watching a video within the first 8 seconds? To ensure that viewers keep watching, you should state the objective of your video and its benefits within that timeframe, and not beat around the bush.

Try to succinctly outline exactly what your tutorial aims to teach viewers, and how it can benefit them.

  • Keep the duration of the tutorial short

If your tutorial runs on for too long, viewers are likely to get bored. In fact, some may even decide not to watch your video if its duration is too long.

While it is good to try to aim for videos that are about a minute in length, there is normally a little bit of leeway for business tutorials. The important thing is to keep the overall duration as short as possible by being brief, direct, and getting straight to the point.

That being said if you find your tutorial is too long and there’s nothing you can do to make it shorter, it may be that your topic is too broad and you could consider splitting it into more specific topics and creating several shorter videos.

  • Articulate the voiceover slowly and carefully – but with personality

Most tutorials have a voiceover that explains each step that is involved, and it is important that you slowly and carefully articulate it so that the message is clear. The audio quality of your voiceover matters a lot as well, and you should take steps to minimize background noise and other issues.

In addition to that, you should try to inject some personality into the voiceover. A droning, monotone voiceover is going to cause viewers to nod off – so you should try to vary the inflection a little, or better yet let your passion for the topic show.

  • Show each step as clearly as you can

Always remember that one of the main reasons video tutorials are so effective is that you get to ‘show’ viewers what they need to do in each step. To ensure your tutorial is engaging and keeps viewers focused, it is important that each step is shown as clearly as possible.

Sometimes you may want to use different camera angles for different steps to show them more clearly, or even different types of videos such as screencasts, animation, and so on.

  • Add subtitles – and be creative

Subtitles can make a world of difference to tutorials, as they will help provide viewers with an alternative to the voiceover. Not only will that make the tutorial easier to follow, but it will help engage viewers who may prefer to watch videos on mute.

Keep in mind that subtitles don’t have to be the standard white text that is used so often. Instead you can be creative and use colors and typography to emphasize words or phrases – just so long as their clear and can be read easily.

If your business tutorial deals with software or digital products of any kind, you should consider using Movavi’s screen capture software to record video footage from your screen. That way you’ll be able to ‘show’ each of the steps in your tutorial more effectively.

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