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Bshani International The New Face Of Digital Media

A life without a dream is emptiness, and a dream without fulfillment is futility. Only, but a few in life can dream big and achieve big to live a life of fullness and usefulness and go ahead to make a mark with a ‘larger than life legacy’ such as the emergence of Bshani International Media Empire epitomizes, founded by Business and Life Coach Bennie Randall Jr. aka the Motivator.

Building a digital media empire is not an exercise in emptiness; it is a consequence of a dream, the dream to make a difference in the lives of people. Realizing that dream is a testimony of a life of accomplishment and shows a life determined to leave a legacy of positivism. The centrality of the digital media revolution is making information available to people living extreme busy life to have a hold on goings on around them.

The birth of Bshani a digital radio station on December 1, 2016, signals the opportunity for people to reach out to their fellow beings with life impacting messages of building quality existence and of empowering ourselves and sow the seed of greatness for successful living.

Bshani as dreamt and realized by Bennie Randall Jr aka The Motivator is a departure from the conventional radio business everyone is familiar. The emerging digital radio empire as envisioned is a radio where listeners can visit anytime online and download what they want. Every episode is recorded, stored and made available to the audience; it doesn’t go away! The radio is not built on emptiness; it has a vision, and that vision is to deliver life-changing messages that will impact lives and touch on issues bordering on the daily living situation where every visitor to Bshani can pick up something useful that would change their lives for the better.

Bennie Randall Jr is the CEO and Founder of Bshani International whose dreams focus on media communication is to uplift humanity through sharing of life changing information to make a difference in the world around him. His business interest areas include Radio, Film, TV and Digital Radio to create a media empire that cut across all facets of media activities with life impacting messages.

For easier management, the founder’s exceptional managerial prowess brought to work saw the emergence of three distinct but focused businesses as an offshoot of the parent company, Bshani International. These three branches include which takes care of Film and TV portal; oversees the Radio portal, and manages the Digital Media portal.

The empowered vision of its founder brought about a new beginning for the emerging businesses to have a breath of life and positioning, impacting lives in their immediate environments. portal promises to be a platform where issues affecting lives, families, relationships and strength good neighborliness, promote professionalism and solve financial difficulties to give people hope for a new beginning would be focused and not the usual radio type of news and politics we are familiar.

Like every positive effort by men and women of exceptional gifts of foresight, Bennie Randall Jr aka The Motivator is on the drive for bringing together people to help people get out of nothingness and to embrace the reality that in life, hope is never lost.

Welcome to the Bshani International Empire!

Listen to this interview on the Live 2 Produce Show w/ Bennie Randall.

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