How to Find the Right Photo Editing Software for You

By: Abe Abbie

Trying to find the right photo editing software is not easy. It is important that you forget about which photo editor is generally regarded as ‘best’ or ‘most expensive’ and instead focus on what really matters: You.

The right photo editing software is the software that can fulfill your needs best. And to find one that does, there are a few areas you should look into.

Determine Your Budget

As you may have noticed photo editing software can vary significantly in terms of their price tag. Some can be free, others may cost up to $50 or $60, while yet others will set you back a few hundred dollars.

By determining your budget, you can immediately eliminate any options that simply aren’t going to fit. That makes it a good first step to narrow your choices.

Decide What Features You Need

Figuring out what features you actually need can be difficult, especially if you’re a beginner.

Ideally you should try to identify any specific features that you’d like your photo editor to have. For example you may want it to support RAW conversion from your camera, have lots of smart editing tools and automated features, advanced tone settings, or a wide range of filters.

Initially you should list down as many features as you like. After you do you can rank them each in terms of whether you absolutely need the feature, would prefer to have it, or aren’t too bothered one way or the other.

Based on this list you can proceed to narrow your options further, and see what remains.

Support for Plugins

Some photo editors may support additional plugins that expand their functionality further. While not typically something that beginners require – it can be very useful for prosumers and can speed up their workflow.

If you do want a photo editor that supports plugins, you should also try looking into the types of plugins that are available on the market – and their cost too.

Check the System Requirements

As you go over your options, be sure to check the system requirements of each one and compare them to your computer.

Most photo editing software will provide both minimum and recommended system requirements. However as a rule you should make sure your computer exceeds the recommended requirements so that the photo editor can perform smoothly.

Look into the Training Material and Customer Support

Odds are you’re aware that familiarizing yourself with a photo editor is going to involve a learning curve – which is why it is important you have access to both training material and customer support if you need it.

The former can help to ensure that you are able to learn how to use the editor easily. Ideally it should consist of tips, guides, and other material that will give you lots of pointers and explain how to perform certain edits using the software.

On the other hand the latter will come in handy should you ever have any technical issues. If possible you should make sure you have multiple options to contact customer support, such as email, live chat, forums, social media, and so on.

Use the Free Trial

If you’ve narrowed your choices down to a specific editor (or a handful of them) – you should check if a free trial is available and use it if possible.

The free trial will let you actually gauge how good of a fit the editing software is firsthand and whether or not it is user-friendly enough and has the features that you need.

Be sure to take full advantage of the free trial to put the editor through its paces and explore as much of it as you can.


If you want a good option to try, check out Movavi Photo Editor. It is user-friendly and yet has comprehensive features that you can use to enhance the quality of your photos, transform the frame, apply effects and filters, or even remove elements from the composition. If you want you could even use it as a wrinkle remover photo editor and to touch up portraits in other ways.

By following the steps listed above you should find it much easier to find a photo editor that is able to fulfill your needs and fit any requirements that you may have. In fact not only will you be able to find the right editor much more quickly, but you can be more assured that you’re making the right choice too.

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