It’s Not A Game, It’s A Media Lifestyle

“It’s not a game, it’s a lifestyle.” – Bennie Randall Jr.

By: Melinda Cochrane

 We all have dreams, but the true mark of success is the ability to put those dreams into motion.  In 1994,  Bennie Randall Jr. moved to New York City with only 500 dollars in his pocket. This 500 dollars would soon be a distant memory as he went on to create and become a multi-million dollar business as a real-estate owner, an owner of a luxury line of men’s products, a motivational speaker, author and media platform developer. His signature quote, “It’s not a game, it’s a lifestyle,” spoke to his unrelenting drive toward making his mark in the world. However, his mission wasn’t simply to succeed; it was to teach others to do the same. When he speaks about a lifestyle, he is referring not only to how you live, but also how you feel about yourself. His life has become a testimony to those beliefs. His goal has been to build a lasting legacy for those who need examples of success by becoming one himself.

As a former rapper, dancer and hype man, Bennie Randall Jr. wasn’t unfamiliar with being on stage. He started life as a young man wanting to be a rap artist; and he thought this was his purpose in life at the time. But it was his exit from being a rapper; which truly became the catalyst to self-discovery. After living in an attic in New York City, being homeless and sleeping in his car, he found his own motivation and true purpose in life. He found it through his desire to get out of the negative situation he found himself in. Many people who have been in the same boat may have given up; but not Bennie Randall Jr.- it pushed him forward.

However, his true transformation happened with the loss of his firstborn son, his sister from domestic violence, his father, and two brothers. Loss can break some people; however, he saw it as a reason to motivate others instead. Through his pain, he began to see his life as one with a bigger mission. Using this desire to help others, he wrote his first book called, The Motivation Factor and went on to be a speaker and coach.  Les Brown, described Bennie Randall Jr. as, “The speaker with the golden voice.”  If you’ve ever experienced one of his events or heard him speak, you are moved instantly by his powerful presence. His story brought him to speak at several organizations and Fortune 500 companies. After his first book, he then went on to publish two bestselling audiobooks, The Inner Power to Create Your World, and The Powerful Mind, which generated two million dollars in sales. In his desire to serve “a billion people before he left this earth,” he also created Bennie On Demand, which has 37,000 paid subscribers who seek one-on-one business advice. Teaching ownership and entrepreneurship to more people continued to be his goal.

He soon came to realize that to help the world, he had to develop his own platform to do so as well. As a businessman, he knew that building a platform for others would extend this reach; not only in America, but internationally. Hence, we see the growth of two more platforms, Bshani Radio with over 2 million listeners and Vercay Radio for women.

Bshani Radio offers a range of shows on business and lifestyle with a wide variety of hosts. He wanted to include advice for anyone seeking guidance in an accessible way.  He’s done just that as the number of listeners continues to grow. Vercay Radio, a recent radio platform for women about women brought in the year 2018 with his new mission – to give women a space of their own.

Building something for all has always been his purpose; but the loss of his sister through domestic violence has made Bennie Randall Jr. more aware of the importance of women owning their own lives in all aspects. It made him understand the reality that many women still need guidance, as far as viable ways to reach this goal. His sister wanted a divorce and wanted to reclaim her life; but her shooting marked the end of this; and his new goal is for Vercay Radio to give other women more options, so that tragedies such as this can end. His new platform offers a range of role models for others to do so.

Bennie Randall Jr. also owns a luxury line called, Bshani Lifestyle at Included are products for men with a selection of bowties, watches, shoes, cologne and much more. In order to reach success, one must dress for success is his mantra.  This line offers men access to examples of what it means to do so. His signature bowties, which he wears himself, is a mark of a sophistication of style meant to inspire those around him to understand that what you feel you deserve often shows itself in the way you present yourself to the world.  Nothing Bennie creates is without purpose. His goal here is to offer men a place to find what they need to feel good in reaching their full potential. A luxury of style creates a lifestyle perspective; and he is well aware that in order to reach full potential, men must look the part.

Owning your life, your income, your voice, and your lifestyle are the hallmarks of all of his business ventures. Within his success, there is a great level of consciousness, which loudly speaks to all. Bennie Randall Jr. wants everyone to know they can have what he has, and deserve it as well. In the building of a lasting legacy, he has shown many what it means to thrive and strive in adversity, to overcome obstacles and to push toward a way of living that defies any limitations. He is reaching his goal to serve others in profound ways. He has built something that will last far longer than his lifetime- a service to others.