Federal Workers Get $0 Paycheck…some federal workers received their FIRST $0 check on Friday. As the shutdown continues and the number of families and individuals are financially affected, what can the workers do when they have a pile of bills and no paycheck?

Here are 4 ways S.T.A.Y. afloat during any financial crisis:

1. Side Hustle income can help you fine some breathing room during this tough time. Make a list of 5 things you can do well and work to create a backup plan for creating a source of income for you and your family.

2. Talk with ALL creditor. 30% of adults don’t have any emergency savings. Contact your creditors and let them know you’re part of the federal furlough. Some have plans to help you through this tough time.

3. Avoid withdrawing from your retirement accounts. Fees for withdrawing can result in 20% of your unplanned withdrawal. Talk with your financial advisor first!

4. Yell for help! Have an open line of communication with family and friends; they could step in and provide some financial relief. Communicate realistic expectations of a payment plan.

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Dr. Cozette M. White is an award-winning Accounting & Tax Expert, speaker and bestselling author.  White is the CEO of My Financial Home Enterprises and focuses on helping business owners scale and grow their business.  She is committed to helping build successful enterprises.