Shifting into Gear

Shifting Into Gear

By:  Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert

Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

     I’m not the type of person who places an unreasonable amount of expectation on the changing of a calendar date as implication of a change in lifestyle; especially when it comes to crossing into a new year. We’ve all seen how that plays out time and time again. However, I do get excited when people have sown seeds towards a change that will ultimately manifest for them in the near future. Timing is so important; just because you want to do something does not mean that it’s actually the proper time for it to take place. We each have to be patient while we’re walking through the process.

There are some things that need to be done “while you wait” for things to go smoother with each transition. I currently live in a warmer climate, but I remember having to “warm up” my vehicle while living in regions where it was much colder and frequent snowfall. This example will help you understand a little better about when it’s good time to “shift into another gear” in life. It wasn’t recommended that you just jump in you vehicle and take off, immediately driving to your desired destination under those conditions. On the contrary, it’s detrimental to have your vehicle “idling” for a long periods of time as well. You have to know when when it’s time to SHIFT.

You see, there’s a prerequisite step to the process; and when it’s time to shift into gear, it’s best we get moving or we’re doing more harm than good. This can be a challenge for all of us; because we don’t always know when that is when it comes to our daily lives. We all can get bogged down into comfort zones; but we don’t want to miss out on reaping the harvest of the next season because we don’t recognize when the season has changed.  I think of “waiting” similarly to a person who is a waiter in a restaurant. They are constantly revisiting the table to ask if anything else is needed and responding to requests; even if they are told nothing else is needed at that time.

Shifting into gear in regards to a vehicle with a standard transmission, we typically shift from “park” into “drive.” I ask you, “Is your vehicle still idling or have you shifted into drive?” You can even press the gas pedal to “rev up” the engine; but we know you’re not going anywhere until you shift gears. I want you to remember that you need to both “warm up” (or do the prep work required) AND be ready to shift into drive (or execute the plan) when the proper time comes. Don’t get stuck “idling” or even worse, fail to get the process started to begin with. It’s said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  What is that “one step” needed for you to get moving towards your goals? It can be overwhelming when you think of everything you want to accomplish; but if you break it down and take it “step by step” each day, you’ll eventually walk into a “new season” of life that will not matter what date is on the calendar.

I understand what it feels like to be “rolling” in high gear and I know what “idling” feels like as well. You have to be honest with yourself in order to change the trajectory of your life. Nothing will change until you change. Leading others in this regards begins with “personal” leadership. We must practice what we preach. The good thing is that with each new step made, there is excitement that builds and helps you create momentum. It’s time for you and I to “shift into gear!” Are you ready for something different? Take some time to reflect on what you’ve read and what you need to do to “shift things” into place. I believe that you can start a “new year” whenever you’re ready to do the work.

I challenge you to make this year your greatest to date! You can check out some of the resources I have on my Crown Life website to help in this regard. Keep living your CROWN LIFE; the best is yet to come!

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Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert

Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.