L.Y.F.E. Foundation

In recent years, the L.Y.F.E. Foundation has witnessed an all-time spike in secondary education costs; and an even higher rise in the number of professionals dissatisfied with their chosen career path. These factors combined with our own experiences in searching for our purposed profession compelled us to create the L.Y.F.E. Foundation and CHALLENGELYFE platform. Our founder and visionary, Dr. Veneda Polite Green, has forged ahead with a laser-like focus on making sure no youth or young adult is living an unfulfilled life.

Our Living to Your Fullest Expectation (LYFE) Foundation has allowed us to have a face-to-face impact in empowering our youth and young adults. The L.Y.F.E. Foundation is a unique, career-building mentorship program, designed specifically for socially and economically challenged youth and young adults, ages 14 to 29. We have an annual live conference where our attendees are able to immerse themselves in several professions of their choosing. We offer a variety of professionals that our attendees are able to interact with, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, NFL players, military personnel and many more. We also provide sessions that concentrate on scholastic scholarship preparation, dressing for success and young adult financial management. We believe in order to be prepared for any profession, these skills are essential to the participants’ overall success, both professionally and personally. This jammed packed, daylong conference also includes simulation labs where young adults role play; and actually become the professionals they aspire to be! We don’t just ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We give them the wisdom, knowledge, and power to be able to respond with confidence!

Alongside the live conference, we offer an annual scholastic scholarship opportunity to a deserving youth toward their college expenses. We also offer a profession-focused career development program monthly. Each month, we offer a profession-focused simulation lab that allows the youth and young adults an opportunity to dive even deeper into that field. It also offers them an opportunity to get real answers to their questions about a career from an elite professional in that field. The half-day events are full of excitement and clarity for the youth and young adults that attend. Just as we were while discovering our passion, they are enlightened at the opportunities some professions offer. It’s our responsibility to be a light in a dark place for them as they navigate through their own personal career journeys.

Since the overwhelming response to our local conference, we are also excited about the spring 2019 launch of CHALLENGE LYFE, our second project – our Virtual Academy! CHALLENGE LYFE has offered us an extended reach for the mentee and the mentor with our virtual academy; which is offered to youth and young adults across the world who are in search of a personalized approach to exploring a profession. We are not only sharing the profession with you, but we are also virtually breaking down the details of the profession; so you can clearly determine if that vocation is for you. After going through the virtual academy, we are aware there may be detailed questions a young adult will have for a professional in that field. We understand that hearing from a profession in that field can be the driver of clarity a young adult may need; which is why we offer monthly LYFE Chats that allow the youth and young adults to have live virtual time with a professional in that field. This allows them to seek answers to their questions from anywhere in the world; and it also allows the professional an opportunity to pay it forward and share their knowledge and experience. We don’t want any child to be left out or behind. We are determined to meet the need for career success for any youth or young adult that has a desire to achieve greatness.

Lastly, but definitely not least, because we understand obtaining the degree and achieving the professional goal is only part of the battle of their success; we will offer Vlogs/Blogs that are focused on topics that will build a great foundation for their future successes. For example, “How to Negotiate the Salary You Deserve” and “Managing Your Money from High School-Young Adult”, just to name a few. We are excited about extending our reach this year and expanding our impact. We are eager for the opportunity to not only watch change, but actually become a part of setting the trajectory.

We invite you to help us reach our youth and young adults all over the nation, especially those in the foster care system, wards of the State, and displaced youth; by giving them the exposure they need to take control of their LYFE! Let’s make sure all young adults have the keys and insight they need to become successful citizens. Visit us at both of our sites: the LYFE Foundation or Challenge LYFE today and help our next generation of leaders fulfill their destiny and find careers that will fit their personalities and satisfy them financially!