Gigaré 2015: ALL IN!

BoardroomGigaré 2015:  “All In!”

By: Marquez Hughley

            About 2 months ago, I was thinking about the 2015 theme for Gigaré, Inc. My team and I are entering our 5th year together in business; so this year’s theme had to be a “game changer.” As you may know, it is expected for most businesses to fail within the 1st five years. Here we are entering our fifth year and we are still going strong – and we’re ready to take our organization to the next level! While pondering on all this, this statement came to mind, “ALL IN!” The statement caused my mind to start running with connections and correlations to the state of our business and team members. I began to see how this theme was quite appropriate for this year; and would be the theme needed to carry us into the next level of operation, marketability and profitability.

You see, my team and I run our business on a part-time basis currently; meaning we each have full-time jobs in addition to managing Gigaré, Inc. and Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine. Of course you can imagine that this is no easy feat; as a matter of fact, I’m so proud of my team for consistently producing excellence in our business practices given the many things we each have on our plates daily.  We all are committed to the vision and have given ourselves to help push the business in that direction.

With our new theme, “ALL IN” – this meant that this was time for us to “leave it all on the field.” It means that this year, we will be giving it all we got to maximize each opportunity and enable the future success of our company. All of the team is on board and we know that we have to be “ALL IN” to see this vision become a reality. A lot of people say that they want to be successful in business; but only those who are serious and intentional about their success actually achieve it.  We all know that talk is quite cheap. You have to pay the price and greatness never goes on sale. Like they always say, “It costs to be the boss!” My team and I don’t mind doing what it takes to win; and WINNING is what we intend to do.

Our company has come so far over the past few years. We’ve established some key relationships that have the potential to take us to a place of exposure & growth that we could have only dreamed of in the past. The path is before us; but it’s going to take sacrifice, commitment and sheer tenacity in regards to our rightful place in the marketplace.  We have big goals, as all business should; but we’re not naïve about the prerequisites for success.  This year, my team and I are going to impact the world in more ways than one! It all starts with these two words, “ALL IN!” Now that we’re all on the same page, the world better look out for us! We’re not taking no for an answer!

Gigaré Nation,

Marquez Hughley

CEO / Founder of Gigaré, Inc.