Why Entrepreneurs Think Network Marketing Is The Wave Of The Future

Kenn's pictureIf you could do anything in the world, what would you do? Travel the world, pay for your children and grand children’s education, contribute to your favorite charity, retire early, purchase your dream home, and buy a luxury car?

Will your current job allow you to do these things?  Are you able to even find a job, or one that you truly wish to work at until retirement? Do you have passion with what you are doing now?

Currently, 53 % of college graduates are unable to find work in their area of study, yet are burdened with student loans. Sadly, the age when a college education guaranteed a prosperous life is gone.

What if you could work from anywhere, using your telephone and computer, and you didn’t have to fight traffic every day to go to and from your job?

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! For decades, people have earned an additional stream of passive residual income via Network Marketing, some earning extra income for the household, others totally replacing their income.

How is this possible? By building an asset and a “global network of consumers.”

In the past and even today, Network Marketing has had a negative connotation. Some people call it a pyramid scheme, which is simply not the case. In actuality, Corporate America is a pyramid scheme, because no matter how hard employees work, ninety-eight percent of employees will never work their way to the top.

Given the right company and opportunity, distributors can achieve any level they desire. Is it easy? No. Does it work? Yes, if done properly. One only needs to be coachable and teachable.

How do you choose a Network Marketing company? One should never make a decision without doing their due diligence. Some factors to consider are: the compensation plan, the owners, the efficacy of the product potential , branding, the team, category creators, ability to leverage yourself, to name a few.

How  do you get started? When you join a Network Marketing Company, most likely you were recruited by someone, who will become your “sponsor”. In a good company, your sponsor will help you to properly get started, connect you to your team, mentor you and help you to begin to build an asset. Some people drop out almost before they have begun, because they lack the knowledge and vision to see the big picture.

In this industry, at the onset, there is a great deal of work for little monetary reward, but if one is consistent and persistent, as time goes on, there is much less work, but great is the reward. Success will always live outside of your comfort zone. People tend to quit on their dreams and passion because they fail to learn the necessary skills.

Networking is a process and some of the keys to great success in this industry are to treat it like a business then acquire the skills to build and develop relationships. Always, think of yourself as a connector and a relationship builder.

The tax savings of owning a home based business are incredible! When one becomes a distributor in a Network Marketing Company, it costs as little as a few hundred dollars to start your own business. Where else can you own a business for such a small costs, while reaping the abundant tax savings allowed by Congress for a home based business?

Why did I choose the company I am with? It was an easy decision.  The company has a proven track record, life changing products, one of the best compensation plans out there, and I am on one of the highest earning teams in the company.

A young woman joined our team last week. It turns out she has three friends in a competing Network Marketing company, who have been inviting her to join their teams. When asked why she decided to choose this particular company, she stated that it was our “Team” that became the deciding factor.

My company is a global “Health and Wellness” company. It is currently in 43 countries, and has created 125 millionaires in 11 years. In the first five years, this company reaped over $1 billion in sales, with just one product.  To put that figure into perspective, that is faster than Dell, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart reached that milestone. Since then, they have brought 18 more category creating, all natural products to market.  All of the products are backed by sound scientific research.

This company is a good fit for me, as it affords me the opportunity to help people, while building an asset, AND my fortune! In addition, unlike some companies, my business can be sold, or “willed”, leaving a legacy for my loved ones and a financial    opportunity for them as well to build upon.

It is estimated that a majority of the population will be involved with a Network Marketing company by 2015. Will you be one of them?

Kenn Spell