I Am You, And You Are Me

Today I am “Honored & Blessed” to introduce you to a young lady, who truly understands the quote “Follow Your Dreams”; and now she “Encourages” all of her students at her High School to do the same thing daily.

Sabrena DavisDr. Sabrena L. Davis was not born with the title she presently has as “Superintendent” of a school system in the Midwest. She grew up on the west side of Chicago, in the Rockwell Gardens Projects (Mablewood Court); a very tough area for anyone to grow up in and survive. Sabrena was not naturally the “Smartest” person in her classes at Crane High School, but she was definitely the most “Determined” to succeed; which of course later (after college) made her highly sought after in her field of Education.

While other children played after school, Sabrena would read and dream of all the possibilities; that she could be in life. She would constantly “Day Dream” what life would be like, if “Poverty” wasn’t holding her & her family down. No matter what she had to do in the classroom, Sabrena wanted to know how the “other side” lived; and “How Could I Get There”. Sabrena’s mother (Brenda) always expressed love to her & her sister (Salena), and always pushed her daughters to be “Educated”; because she knew that would be a good “Foundation” for her daughters to be successful in life. She was also encouraged by a few teachers at Crane High School in Chicago Illinois, that she had so much respect for; who also saw the “Potential” in her. To look into her teenage eyes, they knew she was not your average everyday student; in one of the roughest areas of Chicago.

Dr. Sabrena Davis said her “Keys to Success” comes from her “Financially Stressed Beginnings”, and being inspired by her mother and her favorite teachers; and of course God. A formula to be packaged and taught for any child living in a situation like she came from, is to get motivated to better their life; and to take “Ownership” of their Future.

Her desire to become an “Educator” in her adult life, came from watching her favorite teachers in high school; and the “Happiness” they displayed while teaching their students. Sabrena knew that would be her someday, “Serving & Empowering” others from inside of a classroom. Her senior year in high school (1990) was amazing to say the least, her talents for school and the Arts (singing, dancing, and acting in plays) could no longer go unnoticed. The low key but determined young girl (who kept her nose in the books); became one of the smartest students at her school and valedictorian of her graduating class.

If society thought she was going to be one of them “at risk” students from the west side of Chicago, they forgot to tell Sabrena; obviously “she didn’t get the memo”. This put her on the “Oprah Winfrey Show”, in an episode titled “Self-Esteem” as a guest; an episode that also had the likes of the great Maya Angelou on it as well. This later manifested into a private lunch with Ms. Yolanda King, the daughter of Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King; that she truly still cherish to this day.

Sabrena a few years later in 1995, was the Master of Ceremony of a Black History Program; where Dr. King’s daughter Yolanda was the “Keynote Speaker.” Wow, see how life comes full circle at times? Her desire is to “Inspire” young people, like she was inspired to better herself; and live a productive more positive life. Life is a little easier for her to deal with (more so than to most other people), because she is grounded by her Faith. She loves to serve God and his people, is what truly brings Sabrena “Joy” daily; and with the love from her husband Theo.

Dr. Sabrena Davis is a big sports fan, and loves her “Chicago Bears”. She likes relaxing by reading a good book, and watching old movies; with a bucket of Popcorn (extra butter please). Someone who is as accomplish as she is, needs some “Down Time”; but will never be too far from a good book or her church family. She is the Minister of Education, at the “Truth & Deliverance International Ministries; in Chicago Illinois.

She is also a part of a singing trio / group “Lovely Dust”, made up from members of her family (her mother Brenda & sister Salena); performing in numerous venues in the Midwest and in the South. The “Lovely Dust” Trio was on the Main Stage of the 4th Annual Michael J. Jackson, “Block Party Celebration” in Gary Indiana; performing for Michael’s mother Mrs. Katherine Jackson on August 29th 2013.

Sabrena also has done some modeling, & acting in some plays; and some smaller movie productions by Phoenix Vision Entertainment (The principal actress in the Indie film “Ugly Girl”). Dr. Sabrena Davis is truly today’s “Renaissance Woman”, when it comes to the Arts; there isn’t enough time in a day for her. “I personally have never met a person that truly enjoy life more than her”. She’s as “Thankful” for her harder days, as much as her easier days; because “Life is for the Living”.

Here are just a few of Dr. Sabrena L. Davis’ personal awards / accolades:

  1. First ever recipient of the African-American Heritage Award at Dominican University, in River Forest Illinois.

An annual event held to celebrate and recognize African-Americans who demonstrate “Caritas Veritas” (Love and Truth), and Excellence in Leadership and Service. While earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Education (Teacher Certification).

  1. Master’s Degree of Arts in Public Administration from Troy University, in Troy Alabama; where she was named “Distinguished Graduate” for Outstanding Work (4.0 GPA).

3.   “Urban Education Leadership” (K-12), Professional Administrative License at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  1. Dr. Sabrena L. Davis earned her Doctorate of Education from Newburgh Bible College and Seminary.

Today Dr. Davis serves an important role within the Edison Learning organization, as the Director of Achievement for Leadership. She works closely with school’s administrations & staff, to establish and maintain a strong Educational Foundation; and ensure ongoing success. She’s a Leader with a wealth of experience, in Urban Education and serving High Need Communities; in other states (Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, and Ohio).

Dr. Sabrena L. Davis has held various positions in the Education System like, Principal Consultant with Christians Believe Inc. The Founding Principal of the Henry Ford Power House Charter High School (Modeled after the first Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn Michigan). Principal of Global Vision Academy on Chicago’s South side, and Principal (intern) at Chicago’s Curve High School.

Dr. Davis believe “All People can learn, work, and progress together. When the Culture of their Environment is engaging, stable and supportive”. Dr. Sabrena L. Davis will release her first published book “Unleashed and Unafraid”, later this spring (May / June 2015).

We at Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine salute you Dr. Sabrena L. Davis, because we have enjoyed sharing your personal Life’s Story with our readers. As we know you “Educators” have a hard job, trying to educate our “Leaders of Tomorrow”. I know I personally sleep a lot better at night, knowing you are leading the way; and developing “Future leaders in our Society.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use, to change the World”.  – Nelson Mandela

May all of Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine Readers, stay Encouraged & Blessed Today.

Coach Tony Branch

Contributing Writer to GLM