Miss Black Arizona a Top Heavy Beauty

1921185_4786694722590_5636628673824751367_oAimee Parker graduated from high school ahead of schedule at the age of sixteen. That single occurrence gave rise to the notion that her ability to lead with her brains and not just her beauty would be one of the main hallmarks in her life. Miss Parker has a fervent belief in the mission statement of the Miss Black AZ pageant which states in part: “to provide educational opportunities for young women of color”. She so supports this idea that it is has become a conviction she shares as well.

Sept. 04, 2014 Miss Aimee Parker assumed the prestigious title of Miss Black Arizona. She is now poised in anxious anticipation of the next event on her rigorous schedule. The National Black Miss USA pageant will crown their next winner in August of 2015. Miss Parker is planning to be that ecstatic winner.

The New Orleans native, has several accomplished wins under her crown since starting her journey into pageantry in her pre-teen years. After having placed in her first event, the National American Miss, she continued on to three other fantastic feats of majesty: Miss Dream Girl Arizona USA, Miss Black Arizona Scholarship Pageant, and Miss American Coed. This is the magic course that led her to the now Miss Black Arizona USA. Aimee has won over 15 awards during her pageant career. Armed with confidence, cloaked in humility, aimed at her goal and ultimately anticipating the fruits of her success, she is a young woman who wears her intellect as attractively as her beauty.

Aimee is currently a full time student, majoring in broadcasting and journalism. Her professional goal is to become a news/media journalist. As an advocate working with the Heart Truth campaign, Aimee chooses to give young women information they need to stay heart healthy now, in a concerted effort to prevent problems in their future. Education has always been prominent in her family. Her mother instilled in her that a woman is most beautiful when she cares for her mind and her body and she desires to use her platform as a positive display to young women of color. Her goal is to demonstrate the use of education to assist them in the quest for pride, dignity, and honor. She finds these attributes paramount in any career. She sees a need to re-employ our people connection skills in an effort to regain and retain our solvency in good business practices.

Aimee most enjoys spending time with her family and friends and beauty vlogging. She enjoys volunteering and giving back in the community at various foundations and organizations.  This past year has brought great opportunities to Aimee and you can find her at several upcoming events including Arizona Black Rodeo in Chandler, AZ on March 7th as well as NASCAR taking place in Phoenix, AZ March 13th-15th .Aimee Parker is a melding of beauty and brains, always a thrill to watch.