TJ Hype

TJ Hype began as an MC, an individual who loved hip hop, (Run DMC, LL Cool-J, Nas, KRS, Wu-Tang Clan and many others). He battled and performed throughout high school and after graduating, sought to move forward in a career of music.  Through his time working in the New York music industry, he grew immensely and sharpened his ability to handle, manage and complete creative projects and bring ideas to life.  During this period, he accomplished many of the goals set for his life.  It was also the time when the name, “TJ SupaHype” was created.

The name was like a “super” version of the TJ Hype, who had experienced an unprecedented level of growth at that point in his career and life.  TJ Hype continued to actively seek out expansion in all of the areas from administrative, creative and professional that he operates on a regular basis.   His start in the industry came from his love of Hip Hop music and being an MC.  After battling his way through high school, He studied Music Business and Law at Phoenix College, and Audio Engineering at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.  After graduating, He began his internship at Jive Records in New York.  He continued to work for almost a decade in the New York major music industry.

Radio Supa came not only as a way to move forward in the industry, but also as a solution.  There was a disparity in ways for individuals to push creative projects.  TJ Hype owned a record label called, “Supa Music” and had ran into the same issues with pushing out his own projects.  In December 2009, the birth of Radio Supa emerged.  Initially, he focused directly on music, but over time, as they grew in programming, they began to open the doors to other creative individuals outside of the realm of music. Through Radio Supa, he positioned himself to be in better control of the promotion of their own projects, and also opened a door for artists, producers, labels, authors, professionals and others who had a story.

He wants Radio Supa to continually have the mentality that they are the same as the individuals for whom they open a door or help to shine light on.  They are artists, managers, DJ’s, producers, authors, poets, film makers, professionals and so on.  Because they share common tracts, they understand the position of those upcoming individuals.  Their mission is to act as a bridge for the individual to shine light to their project.  Overall, their company broadcasts to a worldwide audience.  They’re continuing to push to grow in a way that many other stations aren’t.

There are two new music singles that TJ SupaHype has released with his label artist, Dray Brown, through the Supa Music label: “Not A Game” & “Tennis Shoes”.  Both should be available on iTunes, Amazon and on many other sites digitally on January 17th.  In addition, He plans to continue to expand their current operation to include film and video promotion and endorsement. “SupaVision”  is the name of the web-based television network.  This particular  idea provides a platform for film-makers, and those who deal in video and visual aspects similar to the platform Radio Supa, providing for artists, managers and labels.  Look for this during the first quarter of 2012:  “” currently broadcast 4 live shows a week in addition to our 24hr server music content. Our live shows feature regular weekly scheduled guest artists, producers, authors, professionals and other key public figures, local to international.  Monday Nights from 7-9pm MST with Wisdom Soul “The VYBE” A veteran in the poetry community, Wisdom’s “VYBe” show spotlights a mix of Neo Soul music, Poetry and R&B. Tuesday Nights from 7-9pm MST  with  owner of Radio Supa / Supa Music, TJ SupaHype’s  “ The fortress of Solitude”  show spotlights artists and personalities ranging from local to international. Music is Hip Hop & R&B.