Elevated Service – Pastor Adrian Davis


I recently conducted an interview with Pastor Adrian Davis, Associate Pastor at All Nations Christian Center in Huntsville, AL.  Pastor is a dynamic teacher of the word of God who often uses colorful illustrations to simplify the premise of his message.  He has a passion for young people and it is evident through his work with the many local colleges in the Huntsville area.   Pastor A.D. (as he is affectionally known) also does mime dancing with his best friend Pastor Chris Sands.

Give me a little background about you.

1. Well I’m Adrian Davis a native of Chattanooga TN. Currently 29 years of age, graduate of Johnson Bible college where I received my undergrad degree majoring in Bible Theology and minor in Psychology. Also received my masters in Divinity from the same institution. Currently residing in Huntsville, AL where I serve as assistant Pastor at All Nations Christian Center.

When did you know you were called into the ministry?

2. That’s a tough question. Lol. I knew I was called into the ministry at the age of 16, I didn’t yield to the call until 18. God kept calling until I yielded to his purpose and will and I’m glad he never gave up on me.

Explain the way you teach

3. How I teach may seem out the box to some but I really try to cross the word of God with real life. Being practical and transparent is a major part of the ministry God has given me. I believe God is able to transform you, when you are transparent with him.

How long have you been at All Nations Christian Center?

4. In April of 2013 it will be 2 years since I have been at All Nations.

Tell me about your work with the local colleges

5. I have done work at Alabama A&M, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Drake State, University of Alabama, and University of North Alabama. Really what I do on every campus is to be a beacon of light for this generation. I believe this generation wants to hear the gospel but not in a aggressive or forceful way. So what I do is enjoy life with them but add Godly counsel. I try to allow my life to speak louder than any sermon I can preach.

What are your goals/vision for 2013?

6. My goals and vision is really 2 part. My main goal is to help push All Nations Christian Center further into the church God wants it to become. Secondly in my personal life I’m going to start up my doctorate program.

If there was one person you could meet who would it be?

7. I would have loved to meet Martin Luther King. To accomplish all he did in the area of his education when he was denied equal rights.


To learn more about Pastor A.D., you can catch him on Facebook at  or you can download is new app Adrian Davis Ministries.