Mercedes the Voice

Mercedes the VoiceMy name is Mercedes Johnson. Yes, spelled Mercedes like the car, but I’m far more valuable to the world than material things. I am called Mercedes the Voice because my goal is to inspire, encourage and challenge others to live their purpose in God unashamed and courageous.

My journey began at the tender age of three, when my parents discovered my singing voice while riding to church. They were singing amongst themselves as I rode in the back seat of our four door Suzuki Esteem, better known as snowflake. The sound was angelic and was far beyond my years.

My earliest memories include singing in the sunshine band. I loved to sing so much, when rehearsal was over, I had a second rehearsal on the way home with my parents. I always enjoyed making people smile. The years passed and I joined the choir in elementary school and also began acting in musicals. In Wiesbaden Germany, I was participated in the musical production of the Jungle Book where I played Darzee the singing bird. I then worked with the production of Humpty Dumpty and the Case of the Cracked Culprit where I played a singing hen.

The more I performed the more confident I felt about singing in front of others. My father is an extreme sports fan. I would sit with him as he watched sporting game and my favorite part was the national anthem. I began to practice and watch videos of others singing it. The fifth grade talent show came alone and I sang the national anthem and people were blown away. It is still one of the top 20 most requested songs for me to sing.

I then began to see my life shift during my pre-teen years. I begin to have a stronger connection with God. I began to sing not just about God but to God. My desires changed from what God can do for me, to how I could serve Him.  It was at the age of 15 that I truly gave my life to God and vowed to sing for Him, to touch and change lives. I began to sing with the teen choir, adult choir and Praise and Worship team. The more I reached for him, the more He drew me closer. I had a life changing event January 2014 when my mom had bleeding on her brain. I felt so lost and alone but The Lord began to comfort me and minister to me my purpose in Him.  He confirmed to me that there are young people that want God but are too ashamed to step out and publicly serve Him.

The peer pressure and distractions that chase after us, come to try and destroy us. The Lord took me to Psalm 24:6, “that I was the generation of them that would seek him,  that seek thy face O’ Jacob. Selah”. He told me that he has called me out of darkness, that I can by His Spirit call others out. We don’t have to be ashamed live for Him,

Since then I have ministered to men, women, and children young and old. I’ve been in several talent competitions from The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Fort Campbell’s Got Talent, and the Rivers Inspires Competition. I won the Better Choice of Living Talent Competition in 2014. I was 1st runner up in the Fort Campbell’s Got Talent Competition in Fort Campbell Kentucky in 2013.

I am a junior at Northeast High School in Clarksville TN, where I am an officer in the Show Choir. I also have been cast in several musicals in the theatre department. I attend Faith Mission Ministry in Clarksville TN where my pastors are Apostle Harold K. Browning Sr. and Prophetess Gwen Browning. I serve on the Praise and Worship Team, Teen Choir and Adult Choir.

I will be having my first concert sponsored by Better Choice of Living May 15, 2015 in Clarksville TN where I will release my first CD project.

My future goals are to attend college and major in Music/Theatre and Minor in Psychology. My desire is to continue to sing as well as complete my degree program.  I also want to counsel young people that have been wounded by life challenges. I will put a song in their hearts while educating them on how to stay focused and free from their past. In everything that I do, I realize that it’s not about me but God working through me. Therefore, I give Him all Glory Honor and Praise and I surrender my life to His will and His way.