50 Shades of Truth

HAK_1081.1A couple of weeks ago I went to see the movie 50 Shades of Grey. I had read all the books and was quite curious how they would do with the conversion of such a complicated story into a movie. Overall I think that they did a fairly good job of capturing the essence of book one. Mind you, I am not a movie reviewer and this isn’t even really about the movie, the book or the BDSM lifestyle choices.

Maybe I don’t look at things the same way as other people do.  My focus was not on the love story, it was not on the whips or the red room. What struck me initially was the PAIN. The pain of Christian Grey. The unresolved “issues” from his upbringing that ultimately created his 50 Shades. The PAIN was not the focus in the book series until book two if I recall, but in the movie they alluded to his past early on. That PAIN, his 50 Shades, is no different from any of us. His just happens to manifest in a way that seems wrong or somehow abusive to others. In reality the 50 Shades he thought were protecting him are the very things holding him hostage to his past and therefore the PAIN. We all have our own 50 Shades. It is simply a matter of when we are willing to acknowledge our TRUTH that the PAIN exists and that we too have amassed 50 or more shades.

I could launch into a lengthy dialog about the way society has overlooked the PAIN and have chosen instead, to be hyper-focused on the surface issues but I will save that for my focus group. What you see on the surface is never an accurate reflection of the 50 shades that are hidden below the surface. We begin developing our 50 Shades of Truth in childhood. Family is our first teachers. The family who is present, and the family that is absent. Oh yes absence and silence are equally powerful teachers. Our 50 Shades may start with family, but at no time does the start have to determine the finish. Our outcome is determined by us. As The Premier Self Esteem Enhancer helping you see your Truth through a new LENS is what I do. Providing the inspiration and the tools for you to identify, acknowledge and changing how you see your 50 Shades is my specialty. I will let you in on a little secret, I was once just like you.

Below is a glimpse into my 50 Shades. Our own 50 Shades can become our biggest stumbling blocks when we refuse to admit to ourselves that they exist. When you identify your 50 shades you can begin to replace the shade with rays of light.

Join me in April as we breakdown the movie 50Shades of Grey. You will begin to see how his 50 Shades of Grey are no different than your 50 Shades of Truth. Dates and locations for the 50 Shades workshops will be available when you register for my newsletter at www.sweatequitytransformations.com


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