BoardroomFamily FOCUSED

By: Marquez Hughley

Author – Speaker – Strategist

Crown Life Seminars, LLC.

I recently had a Crown Life Leadership conference call in which the theme was centered on the need of “focus” in order to succeed and get results in life. I created an acrostic from the five letters of the word to explain how we can implement the power of F.O.C.U.S.  in our everyday lives.  I shared with the group the following statements:

             F – Fix your eyes on your target (goals).

            O – Only pursue actionable and progressive steps.

            C – Commit to your plan.

            U – Understand that LIFE is going to happen.

            S – Sacrifice is a requirement.

These five statements are so critical in regards to personal and professional achievement; but the ability to focus will take MORE than the input that you can provide alone; and it’s the very reason why this article is entitled, “Family FOCUSED”. You see, it’s going to take the “focus” of your primary group or your immediate family to bring the vision to pass.  The Bible says to write the vision and to make it plain to the reader; and those of which the vision included could get busy working toward the manifestation of that vision; because they could clearly see where they were headed. You need everyone on board. The Bible also states that “…a house divided cannot stand.” Do you see why this is so important?

There’s also another biblical story that comes to mind when I think of this principle of focus.  This particular story comes from the book of 2 Kings 4:1-7. Feel free to go back and read this particular passage of scripture; but I will give you a brief summary of what happened. There was a widow with two sons who was threatened by a creditor due to an outstanding personal debt. The woman could not afford to pay the debt off; so the creditor was going to take her two sons and make them his slaves as a form of payment. Of course, this caused a great deal of concern for the woman. She then told Elisha the prophet about her situation; and he gave her some very key instructions that I want to shine the light on today.

The man of God gave her a strategy to break free. He asked her what did she have within her house; and she told him that all she had was a jar of oil. He told her to go borrow a lot of vessels from her neighbors, come back home, shut the door behind her and her sons, and then begin to pour the oil that she had into those borrowed vessels. Her sons brought the vessels one by one to their mom until there was no more vessels to fill. That was a miracle from God! Her little jar filled all those vessels!

But that’s not what I want to talk about in this setting. One part that I thought was significant was that Elisha told her to “shut the door” behind them when they got back home. Why so? This was going to require complete FOCUS for her entire household. She even got her sons involved in the process. They were not to get distracted by what was going on “outside their home” when she was trying to save their family from being broken up. The widow needed her family FOCUSED!

To sum up the story, when there was no more vessels; the widow went and told the man of God what had happened. He told her to then take the new vessels of oil and sell them. From that revenue she gained, she paid her debt off and lived off the remaining funds. Her family was able to experience financial breakthrough because they obeyed the divine instructions and focused on the task. This resulted in their family living in freedom and in peace.

Is your family FOCUSED? I recommend you go back and read the biblical version of the story to get the full background; but I hope this article sparked a renewed awareness of the need of focus in your life….and in the lives of the people within your household. It’s going to take everyone to get focused on the vision in order to achieve your goals. Do yourself a favor – get your family FOCUSED! /