GLM Highlight in Food – Croaker’s Spot

croaker spot3croaker spot2

Croaker’s Spot was chosen to be honored as one of our GLM Highlights in Food. The Soul of Seafood located in the Heart of Historic Central Virginia. Built up from scratch – all their food is homemade, and they serve it with that good Southern hospitality. The legacy of this restaurant starts with “Croaker”, a man from Jackson Ward, who moved up to Harlem in the 1940s and opened a restaurant he called “The Croaker Spot “. In 1980s, the “Croaker’s Spot” was revived by Neverett Eggleston III back where it started. Just as the owner said, it’s hard to beat the local “Old Towne” charm; the cobblestone streets, and the antique shops. The great atmosphere, top-notch customer service and divinely delicious food make this a number one dining choice every time! Our GLM team salutes this restaurant as a place to experience. To learn more about Italy, visit: and