By God’s Grace, I Live

By God’s Grace, I Live.
     The life you are born into, is not the life you have to live; especially when you know there is so much more for you. Dr. Charles Kinuthia was not always the Successful Businessman & Community Leader, that you see before you here today; he has fought extreme Poverty & Prejudice along the way. His sincere love of his Faith and himself, lifted him above his life of “Dirt to Success,” here in America; the land of opportunity..
     Dr. Kinuthia was born and raised in Nakuru Kenya, Africa to poverty that most financially challenged individuals in America will really never understand. Everyday was like “Rolling Dice” to survive, there is no social programs to really help the extreme poor; that we enjoy here in the United States of America.. Charles knew he wanted more out of life, and had to start making moves for himself; his siblings felt the same way.
     A young African man who enjoyed playing with numbers, he was as good with numbers; as a inner city child is as good with a basketball. True poverty has the ability to force you to reflect on your future, because anything is better than the way he was presently living. Charles journey took him first to Finland, cleaning bathrooms & Theaters in 2003, when he initially left his homeland of Kenya; for about 3 years. Charles knew this was a stepping stone to something better, this taught him patience, but more than that; it gave him time to rethink his future.
     Charles next stop was Australia, to find even better opportunities for himself; this time it was a 9 month stay. He finally landed in the “Land Of Opportunities” around 2007, to seek a better financial situation for himself; at times learning how to sleep in his car. Charles was so determined, he did whatever it took to survive here in America; a new country with no real friends to speak of.
     Charles had to deal with even more setbacks, when he applied to get into a local college for accounting, the subject he really enjoyed (Math); scores wasn’t good enough to get in.. Instead of him drowning in his sorrows, Charles continued to read & absorb everything he could get his hands on; meeting interesting people along the way. Mr. Kinuthia abilities were good enough for him to land a job, as a Accounts Payable Clerk, it put a roof over his head & food on the table; but it was not where his heart was at. A inner voice inside of him, told him he could do better; so unexpectedly to his employer he quit.
     He never told his mother, that he was now jobless, when he called her to send him $50; which he then started his own “Website Marketing Design” business. Barely surviving and sleeping on a air mattress on the floor, he started getting business clients, of course he had no real office to speak of; so he went to the home / businesses of all of his new clients. The Entrepreneur juices started to flow inside of Mr. Charles Kinuthia, which lead him to his next and most successful business venture.
     Mr. Charles Kinuthia started a tax service business, and it took off; his love for numbers now started paying back. As we know as things go up, they will eventually come back down, in the form of a partner who cleared out of their store front office of business one morning; leaving him “High & Dry.”  Charles had to act fast, but never stop serving his clients, during these “Trying Times”; because he is a man of “Character & Honor.” He got dealt a “Raw Deal” by his departing partner, but he was not going to do that to another person; because Charles lives by a set of personal standards (being righteous is top on his list)..
     As the business grew, Charles started opening up more locations in Houston Texas; and has the fastest growing business in his region. The “One Stop Tax” Franchise has grown leaps & bounds, over these last few years. The once “Dirt Poor” boy, has grown up to be a very successful businessman in Houston Texas; a true “Rags to Riches” story.
     Charles is also a Community Leader & World Ambassador for Peace, under the “Golden Rule” basic concept, with the “I Change Nations” worldwide initiative & movement. He has spoken to thousands across our country & internationally, about his journey / life story. Receiving various personal award along the way, even getting a Honorary Doctrine Degree, for what he does for Humanity. Recently named a Tribe Chief, by the King in Nigeria; during his trip there with Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers.
     “When you have nothing, you appreciate everything”, a quote that Dr. Charles Kinuthia truly lives by; a man who is very grateful for the life he has today. All of his siblings are doing good as well, branching out and living their dreams here in America. Once you understand your purpose, and are willing to sacrifice for it, you can’t help but be successful; with some honest “Grind” & your Faith.
     We can talk about Dr. Charles Kinuthia accomplishments all day long, that he is more than grateful for, but how you live & treat others; is the most important thing to him. Thank you so much Dr. Charles Kinuthia, to allow Gigare Lifestyle Magazine & I Change Nations; to tell a part of your life story. Please continue to be a leader in the area of World Peace..
 Anthony L. Branch               “Golden Rule Peace & Goodwill Ambassador”